[Can the sprouted garlic be eaten]_Danger_Bad

[Can the sprouted garlic be eaten]_Danger_Bad

In life, garlic is a condiment that people often put in their dishes, so it is intended to be a consumable. When people buy garlic, they often buy a lot of it there, so as not to run out of it.

However, many people find that if garlic is often placed in one place or bought too much for a while, the garlic will sprout, so if the garlic with long sprouts can still be eaten?

1. Discolored and moldy garlic ca n’t eat some garlic because it ‘s in the environment. Garlic is more likely to germinate in a relatively warm environment, and moldy and discolored will appear at the same time.Easy to cause discomfort after eating.

2, normal germination can eat garlic is the seed of the plant, it is easy to produce germination in the germination season or suitable environment, this is a normal phenomenon, you can eat, you can also choose not to eat garlic seedlings grown in the soil.
3. The benefits of eating germinated garlic without mold, if there is no mildew, eating the garlic is a lot of benefits.

In terms of non-germinating garlic, germinated garlic will produce more antioxidants, and special research data indicate that the antioxidant capacity of long-germinated garlic should be supplemented with fresh garlic, which can enhance the health effects of garlic.

4, eat sprouted garlic should pay attention to what is slightly sprouted edible.

Generally speaking, germinated garlic refers to garlic buds that have just emerged, rather than garlic that is one foot tall. If the garlic grows too lush, the nutrients in the garlic have been lost. The nutritional value of such garlic after consumption is not good.High, and the taste is not very good.

5. How to save garlic without sprouting There is a big reason to keep garlic germinated sealed because the environment has reached the humidity of garlic germination.

To avoid this, you can expose the garlic to one day, peel it into pieces, store them in a fresh-keeping bag, store them in a cool and ventilated place, or store them in a sealed jar to reduce the effect of humidity on garlic germination.

Garlic stored in the refrigerator is more likely to sprout when it is more than 5 seconds, so you can store the garlic in the refrigerator.

Expose the garlic for a day, peeling it into pieces, and pick out the bad ones. Pack the garlic in a fresh-keeping bag and put the upper fresh-keeping box in the refrigerator to refrigerate. This will ensure the low temperature and prevent the humidity from affecting the garlic.