[How to make peppers not spicy]_How to do_How to do

[How to make peppers not spicy]_How to do_How to do

Pepper is not only irritating to the mouth, but also has a high nutritional value, which is good for the human body.

Especially when the weather is cold, eating a pepper will make you feel warm.

But some people want to eat chili, but they find that the taste of chili is too spicy, so they can’t accept it, so they want to find a way to make chili less spicy.

So, how to make peppers not spicy?

People living in Sichuan do not eat pepper.

My family lives in Sichuan, but everyone in our family is afraid of spicy, but the nutrition of pepper is so good, so people in our family still have to eat pepper.

My mother said that the nutrition of pepper is the most comprehensive in vegetables, especially green pepper.

Actually, green and red peppers each have their own nutrition.

Their high nutritional content is indeed more comprehensive and many years than that of ordinary vegetables.

Therefore, people in our family have to eat spicy food anymore.

It’s just that we are not spicy peppers.

So someone would say, “Not a hot pepper?

Have it?

The pepper is not spicy, then you go eat eggplant!

“Haha, yes, the peppers are sure to be spicy, otherwise, why are they called peppers?”

Unless it’s sweet pepper.

Yes, as long as it is pepper, it will definitely be spicy.

However, my mother has the ability to fry the spicy peppers so that they are not too spicy, so our family also likes peppers the most.

Because peppers are so appetizing!

Now I will tell you the trick of not too spicy fried peppers.

The spicy flavor of pepper is mainly caused by spicy red pigment. As long as the spicy red pigment is suppressed during the process of frying the pepper, the fried pepper will not be too spicy.

First of all, fried peppers need more oil.

Like carotene and lycopene, spicy red pigment is released together with oil.

In fact, you should add more oil to the fried peppers.

However, before frying the chilli, you must first process the chilli.

That is, don’t put oil before the chili is in the pan first, stir the chili in the hot pan first, and stir fry with the salt, wait for the chili to stir, then put the oil.

Why has to be this way?

Because of that, sodium chloride is also hot for chili.

When we stir-fry the chilli with salt, during this high-temperature frying process, sodium chloride also fully reacted with the spicy red pigment, so that the spicy red pigment was released, and then fried with oil.The hot red pigment is immediately melted by the fat, so that the hotness of the pepper itself is relieved.