Diet diet method you don’t know

Merchants are using a variety of means to let us eat more, and we understand that these means of business can help you control the amount of food more effectively.

Today Xiaobian tells you two eating techniques that may have been ignored by you, so that you no longer overeating and easily have a good body.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Don’t swipe your credit card and don’t swipe your credit card to eat, so you can not only save money, but also better control your eating.

  The Visa card company’s survey of tens of thousands of fast food companies abroad found that people who use a credit card to spend 30% more money than those who use cash to checkout, so you can eat more if you swipe to eat.Things, this may be one of the reasons why more and more fast food restaurants are allowed to use credit cards.

If you swipe your card, you might choose a larger serving instead of a medium or small serving.

For example, a woman who eats a card at a fast food restaurant once a week, she spends about 20 calories per week on average, and she will gain about 5 pounds a year.


Use blue light at home If you change your home lights to blue light, you can naturally suppress your appetite and reduce your food intake.

  A study published in the “Contract” magazine (a famous design magazine) said that those who ate in the blue room would eat 33% less than those who ate in the yellow and red rooms.

There are also medical experts abroad who say that blue light can make food look less attractive, while warm light, especially yellow light, can particularly promote appetite.

Fast food restaurants at home and abroad have used yellow lighting to decorate the store for many years, and every time you go, you may eat more because of them.

  In addition, if you change the window to blue, you can achieve a similar effect.