Looking for lost sleep of white-collar men

Looking for lost sleep of white-collar men

During the day, white-collar men fight hard and stage a “golden jade evil” in the office; at night, they are full of hollows, missed a gluttonous affair, despise the night song, and they have no extravagant hope to be a otaku at nightJust a dream.

  However, more and more of them started to be angry: “Why can’t even such a small request satisfy me?

“So they suppressed the volcano that erupted for a long time, determined to find the” hateful thief “who stole sleep.

  Who stole your sleep ▲ According to sleep survey results released by the Chinese Sleep Research Association, the consequences of insomnia in Chinese adults38.

2%, higher than the expected incidence of insomnia abroad.

  ▲ Global Sleep Survey (SLE-EPsurvey2002) shows that 45.

4% of Chinese have insomnia; ▲ 45% of car accidents are related to lack of sleep; ▲ 50% of work-related accidents are related to lack of sleep; ▲ The risk of accidents in chronic insomnia is 4 in normal people.

5 times; ▲ Insomnia is a disease that is widely recognized . Secrets of dark circles appear “I used to hear that I haven’t slept well recently, and I always wake up at night . I’m always surprised: why can’t I sleep

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I can’t understand and experience that pain.

Today, I finally feel empathy.

The reporter in front of Mr. Chen is dressed neatly, and the black briefcase in his hand adds to the professional temperament of his successful people, and his slightly swollen goldfish eyes and uncoverable dark circles are silently exposed, thisThe life of white-collar workers is not as glamorous as the surface.

  Mr. Chen, who has a graduate degree, recalled that in his student days, students in the bedroom all joked that they slept like “dead pigs”, “silent people” who did not wake up, and “wood”. No matter how tired they were during the day, they woke up and woke up.

However, since graduating the previous year and working as a graphic designer in a 4A advertising job, one has to deal with urgent bosses who have been caught off guard, and the other has to worry about the newcomer undergraduates graduating with creativity and surpassing themselves.

Unbearable, he unknowingly drifted away from the “dead pig” life. Now, as soon as he drops his head on his pillow, his head is immediately clear, his thoughts are flying, and time passes by boring thoughts.

  In progress, psychologists have stated indefinitely that among the people he has contacted, highly educated people like Mr. Chen and high-income patients are increasing at a rate of 15% to 20% per year.

Experts believe that there are certain social levels, and older white-collar workers are particularly vulnerable to the insomnia trap, mainly because of fatigue.

The first is that the body is tired and goes to work every day, just like a spinning top.

When you go to work, you have to go to work, and you have to go to work when you get off work. The second is that your heart is tired. There is a distance between ideal and reality.

  Taking care of a pillow According to a World Health Organization survey, 27% of people worldwide have sleep problems. The incidence of insomnia in the United States is as high as 32% to 50%, in the United Kingdom it is 10% to 14%, and in Japan it is 20%.

At the end of 2007, Wang Guangliang, executive deputy secretary-general of the China Sleep Research Association, once again found that about 40% of people are troubled by sleep, and 80% of their insomnia is caused by psychological reasons. Guangzhou, Shanghai, and other big cities have fast-paced lives.Psychological stress is high, and sleep problems are particularly serious.

  Mr. Huang, who works in a senior office building, told reporters that he and his wife are “insomniac couples”.

Due to frequent insomnia, Mr. Huang spent over 1,000 yuan in painstaking efforts, and finally found a pair of magic pillows. Every night, he sleeps comfortably in his heart, and snoring before he counts the sheep. Unfortunately, there is something for everyoneHe disappeared. Soon after, Mr. Huang found himself suffering from “pillow dependence”. Now every time he goes on a business trip, his first task is to rush to the local mall to pick a pillow. That energy is harder than that of a lover.The core, pick its height, pick its taste, as long as it is slightly different from the god pillow at home, the heart will burn down, and you can’t sleep.

Mr. Huang ‘s wife is even more outrageous. A successful stock sale last year made her realize that there is some connection between high-tech stocks and the US Nasdaq. So she always wakes up at four or five. She simply wakes up at three in the morning every day.Get up to see the latest index. Now that she has lost interest in stock trading, she will still wake up at three o’clock on time, boasting about the dream of Huang Liang, who failed to achieve the stock market sniper.

  Can’t sleep, is that a disease?

  Although sleep problems have become increasingly prominent, insomniacs have a biased attitude towards insomnia.

According to a 2006 survey by TNS International, a well-known market research company, in China, only 13% of patients with insomnia seek treatment, and only 23% of them turn to mental, psychological, and neurological specialists; 73% of patients have never taken drugs or otherwiseimprove sleeping.

  The reporter interviewed more than ten people who suffered from insomnia complications randomly. They generally stated that although they often suffer from insomnia, they have never delved into the real inducement and did not regard insomnia as a disease.They will not seek medical help.

  ”People who have insomnia are very weird. When they go to the opposite side at night and it is difficult to fall asleep, they ca n’t wait for Tianliang to rush to the pharmacy to administer sleeping pills; however, when daybreak comes, they will be restrained by daytime work.

“A bank employee who claims to be” Senior Insomnia King “analyzes,” After all, when the insomnia is really so serious, I haven’t heard of any hospital or professional institution in Shanghai that specializes in insomnia. Where can I go to see a doctor? ”

After consulting the information, the reporter learned that there have been sleep specialist hospitals and 2,300 sleep sleep clinics in the United States for 900 years, and there is currently no sleep specialist hospital. The sleep clinic is basically attached to the hospital’s psychological consultation clinic or neurology department.

Hangzhou young scientist and sleep expert once proposed that “the short-term sleep cause is 20 years behind in foreign countries.

“What is” sleep quotient “Sleep quotient, which records your understanding of sleep knowledge, the process of self-psychological understanding, and the relationship and adaptation to others, the environment, and society.

For people with high sleep quotients, their unified labels are: physical health, mental glow, bright skin, and quick thinking.

If the sleep quotient is low, look at the following performance, do you have a right seat?

  Performance 1: Sleep contempt tribe prolonged life to sleep?

It’s a waste of life!
Earn less life by sleeping less, staying awake without falling asleep!
Work, play, make love, all sleep time.

Common phrase: “What’s so great about sleeping?

“Fight against Sandman for life.

The last thing I want to see: Life goes longer with sleep.

  Performance 2: Active insomniacs are not insomniacs, night shifts, night owls, paparazzi, or homeless, but they do n’t want to go home.

Even when I get home, I’m always ready to go on call, and think of falling asleep before 2 am as shameful.

The result is either to become a night owl or to join the insomniac group, and change from active insomnia to passive insomnia.

  Performance 3: Insomnia. Panic bosses have insomnia, colleagues have insomnia, and the entire city has insomnia. How can I not lose sleep?

Common phrase: “I’m going to lose sleep!

“I’m most worried that I’m infected with insomnia. Occasionally I can’t sleep well, and I’m nervous. I shout: Insomnia!

The result may turn from insomnia to insomnia.

  Performance 4: The fussy sleeping group changed the room to not sleep, changed the bed to sleep, changed the sleeping partner to sleep, no sound to sleep, no light to sleep, no time to sleep, no time to sleep, worry about sleepDon’t sleep . Performance 5: The sleep sacrifices remove the missing things like overtime and escorts. The sleep sacrifices can also sacrifice short-term sleep for others.

The greatest of the sleep sacrifices is that they can sacrifice long-term or even life-long sleep for their marriage. The other party snores, grinds their teeth, talks dreams, farts, bad breath, grabs the quilt, kicks people .

Three dishes to help children eyes and eyes


Three dishes to help children eyes and eyes

The child is in the developmental period, be sure to lay a solid foundation for eye protection, take a look at the baby’s eye protection recommended by experts.

  Bone soup with carrots From a nutritional point of view, vitamin A is essential to protect the eyes. At the same time, calcium, zinc and other trace elements need to be added, and protein intake should not be too low.

In terms of these nutrients alone, animal liver is one of the best eye protection foods.

At the same time, vitamin A content is very high, calcium, zinc and protein are all a lot.

  The hospital ‘s canteen was rebuilt and the liver was steamed, and the liver mud was implanted, which is especially suitable for infants for several months to help the eyes develop. This is highly valued by doctors.

  Of course, animal livers cannot be eaten every day, and eating more carrots is also good.

The carotene in it will be converted into vitamin A in the body.

Most children like this sweet and good-looking food.

  However, carotene is fat-soluble and needs to be supplemented with oil at the same time, so you can add carrots when you stew bone soup, which will increase vitamin A, protein, calcium, and iron.

If your child is prone to diarrhea, you can replace bone soup with fish soup, which works equally well.

  Three-color vegetable stew is very good for children’s vision development ability, self-protection awareness and control ability is poor, parents should exercise more snacks.

For example, let them develop the habit of washing their hands frequently, rubbing their eyes less, watching TV less, watching more green plants, and doing more eye exercises.

  In terms of diet, there are three nutrients that have a good protective effect on the eyes.

Foods such as vitamin A, DHA and lutein (animal liver, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, leek and oranges, persimmons, etc.), vitamin C foods (green peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, cabbage, fresh dates, etc.)It is calcium, which has the effect of eliminating eye strain (beans, green leafy vegetables, shrimp skins, etc.). I hope that young parents will give their children more of these good eye foods.

  Experts recommend: three-color vegetable stew, take carrot, green pepper each, half cucumber root, peas, a small amount of meat, stir fry quickly (to prevent nutrition loss).

Carrot vitamin A, green pepper, cucumber vitamin C, high levels of chromium and riboflavin in lean meat.

This dish is refreshing and colorful, and children must love it.

  Come to a colorful eye-protection diet for children with colorful Yaozhu rice. In addition to paying attention to the proportion of major nutrients, the color and shape must be carefully mashed and cooked, so that children need only power to eat.

The practice of Japanese parents in this respect is worth recommending. They like to work hard on rice, similar to this colorful Yaozhu rice. As a staple food, you can eat a little every day and supplement more.

  When making rice, add a bit of corn kernels (simmered water), pea kernels (simmered water), 30 grams of scallops (washed with water, rinsed in water), 1 egg (egg, stir-fry egg), and a little chicken liver (Diced water diced), two slices of bacon (diced), carrot (diced water diced), bell pepper (diced water diced), add some cooking wine, salt, green onion, without MSG.

It should be noted that you can quickly add the cereals, meat and eggs, vegetables, and condiments to the pan in order, and mix the ingredients thoroughly before serving. It is colorful and delicious.

At the same time, parents even paired with tomato and laver soup and small fruits, so it was very comprehensive.

These seven single flavor Chinese medicine summer must

These seven single flavor Chinese medicine summer must

The summer weather is hot and humid, the day is hot, and it is cooler after midnight. If you don’t open the window, you will feel sultry and uncomfortable. When you open the window, the old and the weak are very likely to catch a cold.

Light body is sour lazy, heavy fever, headache, body pain, diarrhea.

And summer days like to eat cold drinks, fruits, food and easy to be corrupt, it is easy to suffer from diarrhea and other dialysis diseases.

After that, I will introduce you to some traditional Chinese medicines that are commonly used in summer.


Fragrance: There are detoxification, qi and stomach effects.

It can treat cold headaches, chest swelling, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.

10 grams each time, divided into 2?
3 times decoction; if the fresh musk is better, the amount is increased to 25?
35 grams.

[藿香] [藿香正气水的妙用妙法]  2.Perrin: It has the effect of relieving heat, dampness and waking up the spleen.

It can treat dizziness, faintness, less food, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.

10 grams each time, divided into 2?
3 times decoction.

If there is a fresh Perrin, the amount is increased to 25?
30 grams.


Lotus leaf: It has the function of detoxification and heat.

Treatment of heat stroke, stuffy, phlegm, itchy.

15 grams each time, 2 points?
3 times decoction.

It is also effective in making lotus leaf porridge.

The method is to use rice 2?
3 2, when the porridge is cooked, use a washed fresh lotus leaf to suppress the noodles (that is, there are green velvet noodles) and put them in the porridge. After soaking for 10 minutes, they can be eaten.

The porridge is green and has a fragrant smell. It is a good summer meal.

[荷叶]  4.Toon: There is a sweating solution, the effect of phlegm and dampness.

Treatment is caused by fever, no sweat, abdominal pain and diarrhea after night cold.

Every time 3?
5 grams.

It is usually weak, and those who sweat too much should be used with caution.

It is also known as “Xiayue Mahuang”.


Watermelon Cuiyi: The cyan skin of watermelon.

It has the effect of clearing heat, quenching thirst and diuresis.

Treatment of heat stroke is upset, hot, thirsty, and short in urine.

Each time you use 30 grams, decoction several times, eat more watermelon also has the above effects.

[西瓜皮] [西瓜的药用功效] [吃西瓜有何禁忌]  6.Bamboo leaves: It has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis.

Treating summer heat and upset, the urine color is dark and the amount is not smooth.

10 grams each time, 2 times decoction.

It is more effective if there is a sore mouth.


Loofah skin: It has the effect of clearing heat and quenching thirst.
Treatment of poisoning, upset, thirst.

Each time you use 20 grams of fresh loofah, decoction 2 times.

Meditation and meditation

Meditation and meditation

Pali in meditation means “cultivation of the mind”, which is to cultivate the good state of the mind.

Meditation is an art. Through continuous training of the mind, it evokes a self-clear mind, relaxes the body, maintains alertness, is able to settle freely in a noisy environment, and confronts us with compassion.life!

  The yoga classic believes that: the human body is limited. Because of the needs of clothing, food, shelter, transportation, and desire, there is naturally pain and annoyance. This will make our inner world smaller and smaller, a pure littleMy status.

  But the root of the mind is “quiet”. Only by being quiet can wisdom and health and happiness come!

  There is a famous saying: “If the heart is unpretentious, it is natural joy. It is like the nature of water is transparent and clear unless it is stirred.

“In meditation, meditation is an important training method!

A master described meditation as “hanging the heart in the void and writing nothing.”

This is like comparing the heart in meditation to a pot of muddy water: the more people ignore or disturb it, the more the variables will settle to the bottom of the pot, and the natural and pure nature of water will appear.

The nature of the heart is also comparable.

Let it be, without change, it can find joy and clarity.

  By sitting still, by still life, this is the common method of practice!

  In meditation, breathing sustains each person’s life, and consciously observes his own breathing. There is no need to separate and study, but only to generate awareness and experience it carefully!

  When sitting for a long time, any pain, soreness, or warmth in the body is an experience, which obviously cares for your own heart, and tries not to be affected by the body.

  When practicing, it is best to choose the lotus sitting position (cross-seat). You can also sit on a single plate or simply sit with your hands under Dantian or insert your knees.

The back maintains a natural physiological curvature, eyes are slightly closed, and the tongue is against the palate.

Beginners have a constant focus on breathing in and out.

  I believe that with continuous inner training, our meditation power will be strengthened, and our inner peace will be comfortable. Gradually we will develop a balanced mentality that often feels happy, and the heart will no longer swing back and forth between the two poles of suffering and loss like a pendulum.

Sleeping for 7 hours is healthier than sleeping for 8 hours

Sleeping for 7 hours is healthier than sleeping for 8 hours

According to reports: Foreign experts have found in a survey of tens of thousands of people that people who fall asleep for 7 hours a day have the longest life, and those who fall asleep for 4 hours and 8 hours have a significantly longer life span than those who sleep for 7 hours.

  Although relevant scientific reasons have not yet been developed, too many medical experts in Shanghai have also found out later in the clinic. Most of those who lived to 80 or 90 years of age fell asleep for 7 hours a day, and their sleep quality was good, and there was almost no insomnia.

  According to experts’ recommendations, in order to have a good sleep, the editor recommends the following points in terms of sleeping environment: 1.

Furnished bedroom 2.

Sleep proves to be in a safe, comfortable, quiet and relaxing place3.

Choose your bed and bedding carefully, as your replenishment time will be spent with them.

A bed that is too soft or too hard can cause back pain.

Bedding should also be comfortable4.

Avoid outside disturbances (light and noise) 5.

Keep the bedroom air and humidity, if necessary, put a wet towel on the heater or install a humidifier 6.

The temperature of the bedroom should be maintained between 16 ° C and 18 ° C7.

Avoid the clock

Abuse of Chinese herbal medicines can also hurt the eyes?

Abuse of Chinese herbal medicines can also hurt the eyes?

Many people believe that Chinese herbal medicine is pure and natural, with few toxic and side effects, and even non-toxic alternatives. However, some studies of complications have shown that repeated Chinese herbal medicines can also hurt the eyes and may even cause severe vision loss.

Pay attention to the following Chinese herbs: 1.

If licorice is taken more than 50 grams of licorice every day, toxic side effects may occur.

  Five patients who took 186-746 grams of licorice every day showed flash blindness and loss of vision in one or both eyes, accompanied by headaches and elevated blood pressure.


Ginkgo biloba is also one of the most commonly used Chinese herbal medicines. Ginkgo biloba extract and aspirin are mixed for a long time, and spontaneous anterior chamber hemorrhage can occur.

This is because both Ginkgo biloba and aspirin have the effect of reducing platelet activity, and their combined effect results in an increased risk of bleeding.


Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum is often used as tea, but chrysanthemum can cause severe allergic conjunctivitis, especially those who have had a history of allergic conjunctivitis with hay fever (hay fever), as this person takesChrysanthemums can also easily cause allergies.


Pepper capsicum oxidants vitamin A and vitamin C, and some of its extracts are used to treat eyelids and conjunctivitis.

Because it is irritating, it can aggravate the irritating symptoms of conjunctivitis.

Corneal ulcers have been reported in some patients using eye drops made with high concentrations of pepper extract.


Citral Citral is the main component of citrate esters.

Studies have shown that monkeys taking small doses of 2-5 mg of citral can increase intraocular pressure, with severe cases of secondary glaucoma.

The same toxic and side effects may also occur in humans, and you need to pay attention when using them.

Chinese herbal medicines that can cause elevated intraocular pressure, secondary angle-closure glaucoma, and tadpoles.

  Because they can dilate the pupils and cause obstruction of aqueous humor.

In addition, the commonly used Chinese medicine ephedra can also cause increased intraocular pressure.


There is no specific research on the relationship between carrot herbs and excessive intake of carrots and cataracts, but some scholars believe that excessive intake of carrots may cause cataracts.

Because carrots contain coumarin, psoralen, etc., these substances can become toxic substances under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts, and these toxic substances increase the risk of cataract development.

Mental Diabetes Crossing the Red Light

Mental Diabetes Crossing the Red Light

From a psychological point of view, the occurrence of behavior is driven by power. For example, the driving force for crossing the road and running red lights is mainly time-saving and labor-saving-no need to go around circles and wait for green lights.

So, how to prevent this behavior from happening?

Theoretical analysis is nothing more than two aspects: one is to reduce the motivation of behavior, and the other is to increase the resistance of behavior.

  In the past, the policy of relevant departments has always been around “increasing behavioral constraints.” The most common method I call “frightening propaganda” is to focus on the dangers of crossing the road to pedestrians. To put it plainly, walking across the road mayThere was a car accident.

  I often see similar publicity in the community bulletin boards, accompanied by pictures of bloody car accidents.

The most extreme example is that during some years of traffic safety awareness week, the signs on both sides of a road in Shanghai were covered with photos of those accidents.

It’s just that these people may not have thought of another problem at all, these photos are actually “not suitable for children”, and it is not convenient for such a public exhibition at all.

  The results of it?

no effect.

Why is it not effective?

Because daily experience tells us that it is possible to accidentally cross the road, but the probability of accidents is very low.

Such a low probability is not enough to prevent the disorderly crossing of the road.

This is a fine, but for many reasons, the cost method cannot be implemented for a long time.

  Recently, there has been a new high-tech “frightening” new move. According to reports, Shanghai recently introduced an “automatic pedestrian monitoring and alarm system”. When pedestrians cross the road and cross a red light, the electronic display installed on the sidewalk will be displayed in two places.After three seconds, the screen of pedestrians breaking the red light is displayed, and a warning sound of “traffic police reminder, please abide by traffic regulations” is issued.

  This system has been tried out at the intersection of Jialin Road and Jingao Road in Pudong New District, and will be promoted to other regions of the country at an appropriate time.

What’s more, this system can use the face recognition technology to connect the screen shot by the monitor with the citizen ID management unit to run the network, and record the personal uncivilized behavior in the integrity file.

  It seems that the relevant departments will go dark on the “frightening” road.

  The question is, why can’t we do the opposite and use our brains in reducing the motivation to cross the road?

There is a retired old man in our building. I do n’t know if his own inspiration is emerging or he is experiencing inspiration from other cities. One day he wrote to the mayor and suggested that four parasols be set up at the intersection. Later, some intersections in Shanghai were indeedDid it.

The effect is amazing!

Especially on windy, rainy and hot days, many pedestrians are reluctant to stand below.

  There is another factor that I can’t bear as a pedestrian, and that is when the pedestrian light is green, and I can still exercise it.

This practice is a violation of the right of pedestrians because it means that they can be reversed at any time, and pedestrians cannot walk freely even when the pedestrian lights are green.

  In contrast to pedestrian ratios, pedestrians are inherently vulnerable groups. Therefore, we cannot blindly make a fuss about “scare people” when solving disorderly crossings.

If there is a “linking the road and personal integrity” link one day, I’m sure the first one to stand up against it will not change the role of promoting civilization and will only be counterproductive.

Chilling 8 Cold Food Soups

Chilling 8 Cold Food Soups

Herbal supplements are not as good as dietary supplements, and the same is true for colds. When people are looking for medicines for treating colds, they do not hinder the choice of cold food therapy soup, select materials from daily life, and have the functions of relieving the cold and replenishing qi.

Let ‘s take a look at the 8 cold soups recommended by Xiaobian for everyone, delicious and disease-proof.

  1. Astragalus ginger jujube soup recipe: 15 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of jujube, 3 slices of ginger.

  Method: Add the right amount of water to the above three things, boil with Wuhuo, and then boil for about 1 hour.

  Efficacy: Yiqi tonic, relieve colds, prevent colds.

  Usage: eat jujube soup.

  2. Recipe of fragrant lentil soup: 10 grams of Xiangshe, 12 grams of white lentils, 6 grams of citrus peel, 8 grams of lotus leaves, appropriate amount of sugar.

  Method: mash white lentils, fry them with citron, rind, lotus leaves, boil for 10 minutes, filter, remove residue and add sugar, and season with sugar.

  Efficacy: Qingshu Qushi table.

  Usage: Once a day, drink frequently.

Even serving 3?

  3, ginger silk duck egg soup recipe: 50 grams of ginger (peeled), 2 duck eggs, 20 ml of white wine.

  Method: Wash and peel the ginger, cut into shreds, add 200 ml of water and boil, remove the shells and duck eggs, pour into the ginger soup, stir it a little, add white wine, and boil.

  Efficacy: Disperse the cold and prevent colds.

  Usage: Take the egg and drink soup once a day, and take it for 3 days.

  4. Recipe of bitter gourd lotus broth: 30 grams of bitter gourd, 1 lotus leaf, 50 grams of lean pork.

  Method: Put the bitter gourd, fresh lotus leaves, and lean pork into slices. Put all the ingredients into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it for about 1 hour until the meat is cooked and season.

  Efficacy: Qingshu detoxification, dampness and medium.

  Usage: drink soup and eat meat.

  5, cabbage root onion white soup recipe: 3 roots of Chinese cabbage, 2 roots of onion, 10 grams of reed root.

  Method: The top three things are cooked in water for 10?
15 minutes.

  Efficacy: Xinsan detoxification, clearing away heat and dampness.

  Usage: Take 1 dose daily and take 2 times while hot.

  6, ginger shredded carrot recipe: 25 grams of ginger, 50 grams of radish.

  Method: Ginger shreds, radish slices, put each other in the pot with the right amount of water, cook for 10?
15 minutes, add brown sugar and set aside, cook for 1?
2 minutes.

  Efficacy: Qufeng Sanhan solution.

  Usage: 1 time daily, hot clothing.

  7. Coriander and spring onion white soup recipe: 15 grams of parsley, 15 spring onions, and 9 grams of ginger.

  Method: Wash the cilantro, scallion white and ginger separately, chopped and put in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water to cook for 10?
15 minutes, you can take the juice and drink.

  Efficacy: Post scattered cold.

  Usage: 2 times a day, 2 servings?
3 days.

  8. Onion soup recipe: 2 white onions, 10 grams of tempeh.
  Method: 500 ml of water, boiled in tempeh 2?
After 3 minutes, add scallion and season out.

  Efficacy: Disperse the cold.

  Usage: Take while hot, sweat on the back cover.

Six myths of rheumatoid arthritis

Six myths of rheumatoid arthritis

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis all have the same feeling, which is “pain.”

This kind of pain can easily cause patients to “lost their sensibility”, and they are always frantically seeking medical advice, hoping to completely get rid of this annoying pain.

But this thought of being stunned by pain can easily get patients into some misunderstandings, which is harmful and not beneficial for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis!

Let’s take a look at the six most common misunderstandings of patients with rheumatoid arthritis!

  In the current situation, rheumatoid arthritis cannot be completely cured. The doctor’s treatment can only prevent joint destruction and protect the existing functions of the joint, which can improve the quality of life of patients.

Many patients do not understand this, and seek medical advice everywhere, resulting in a variety of misunderstandings: Misunderstanding 1: Rheumatoid rheumatoid arthritis, nine out of ten will be disabled.

  Indeed, for some very severe rheumatoid patients, or patients who do not adhere to distance treatment, it can lead to joint deformities and hypofunction.

However, for most patients, if they can catch the time of one or two years from the beginning of the onset and take distance treatment to control the disease, severe deformities can be completely avoided, and patients can maintain a better quality of life.

Even a few patients with severe joint deformities can be treated with surgery.

Whether the disability is abolished depends on the severity of the disease itself, and whether or not to adhere to distance treatment plays a very important role.

  Myth 2: Take the same medicine every time, just buy it yourself.

  Come to the hospital to follow, not just to buy medicine.

The doctor will observe the changes in the patient’s condition and see if any adverse reactions to the drug appear. If necessary, a check will be performed to determine the adjustment of the drug and the increase or decrease of the dose.

  Myth 3: Rheumatoid arthritis is not curable.

  In recent years, the rapid development of rheumatology has improved the therapeutic effect of rheumatoid and other rheumatoid diseases. As long as early diagnosis can be made, and timely and positive comprehensive treatment measures can be given, the condition can be improved, stabilized or relieved, and the quality of life can be improved.

Otherwise, if pole treatment is eliminated and distance treatment is not carried out, it may develop into severe disability or cause serious complications and death.

  Myth 4: Routine use of hormones for rheumatoid arthritis.

  Rheumatoid application of hormones does not prevent the pathological process of arthritis from continuing to develop. It does not have a therapeutic effect, but can only temporarily control symptoms.

Long-term use or improper use will bring many adverse reactions, which are even more harmful to the human body than rheumatoid itself.

  Misunderstanding 5: Western medicine for rheumatoid arthritis can only “treat the symptoms”, and Chinese medicine can “treat the root cause.”

  Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have their own strengths in treating rheumatoid arthritis. The most important deformation of rheumatoid arthritis is bone and joint erosion and disability. A large number of clinical studies have found that some traditional Chinese medicine can control the progress of the disease and prevent the “root cure” of erosion.Effect; but some western medicine also have a “remove effect” to prevent bone and joint erosion.

  Myth 6: Chinese medicine has no intermediates.

  This understanding is wrong, in fact, “every medicine is toxic”, regardless of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, but the relative replacement of traditional Chinese medicine is the opposite. If the medicine can be taken under the guidance of a doctor, its safety is guaranteedof.
It is worth noting that some rivers and lakes medical doctors use the psychology of patients to confuse patients with so-called family secret recipes and special recipes. There are many people who are fooled. As a result, they spend unjust money and delay the treatment of the disease.

Therefore, if you suspect that you have rheumatoid arthritis, you should go to a distance hospital for treatment, and it is best to go to a rheumatologist for examination and treatment.

  The full text of this article “Clinical 440 Questions for Patients with Common Rheumatism” is published by China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, edited by Lou Yuzheng and Li Saocheng. The final interpretation right belongs to the original author.

Chinese medicine meal makes your eyes brighter

Chinese medicine meal makes your eyes brighter

For the health of the eyes, in addition to being close to nature, looking at distant places and green plants, occasionally giving the eyes sufficient rest time.

In addition, the diet should be supplemented with vitamin A foods such as red dill, seaweed, green vegetables, cod liver oil, animal liver, etc., due to vitamin A deficiency can easily cause visual disturbances, eye fatigue, excessive eye waste, corneal redness and other symptoms.

For traditional Chinese medicine, you can take Liuwei Dihuang Pills plus wolfberry, chrysanthemum, or Chaihu plus keel oyster soup, which can effectively improve the symptoms of weak eyesight and eye fatigue.

The following types of pharmacological treatments that are beneficial to the eyes are provided for the reader’s reference: eye care medicated diet: (1) home-based medicine soup: materials: 150 grams of duck liver, 50 grams of celery, 20 grams of fungus (water), 50 grams of fresh mushroom, Garlic, onion ginger, sesame oil, salt, rice wine each amount.

  Method of operation: 1.

Cut the celery into small pieces, grind the mushrooms, diced the fungus, cut the liver into a mud and mix with rice wine, salt and Taibai powder.


Heat the oil to 5 minutes. Stir in ginger, garlic, add mushrooms and agaric fungus, add an appropriate amount of water, boil, add liver puree and stir, season, celery and boil.

  Efficacy: nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and eyesight, and strengthen immunity.

Suitable for liver deficiency, dark eyes, blurred vision, night blindness anemia, it is the best dietary treatment for eye protection in children.

  (B) Spinach Eye Protection Soup: Ingredients: 1.

60 grams of pork liver or 2 pairs of native chicken liver, 130 grams of spinach, salt, sesame oil, 1 liter of broth.


Therefore, 15 grams each of paper, gluten, ganjing, and chuanxiong.

  Practice: 1.

Wash four flavor Chinese medicinal materials and add water at 1000C.


, Fry for about 20 minutes, leave the soup to the soup.


After the pork liver is removed, the fascia is washed and cut into thin slices. The spinach is washed and cut into small pieces for later use.

First scallion flowers with a small amount of oil, add Chinese medicinal juice, pork liver, spinach, boil and add an appropriate amount of salt, stir well, add the sesame oil, and eat.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and nourishing blood, moisturizing eyesight.

Regular food can improve vision, contraction treatment of pediatric night blindness, anemia, both good tonic effect.

  Daily Notes: 1. Get enough sleep.

Adults need about 7?
8 hours, children should be more than 8 hours.

  2. Avoid partial eclipse to supplement balanced nutrition.

  3. Stay close to nature and enjoy sunbathing.

Sunlight can direct blood to the eyes and release the muscles and nerves of the eyes.

  4, pay attention to eye health.

Do not prolong reading and writing, take a break of about 5 minutes every 15 minutes, and have a correct reading posture. Pay attention to straighten the pillars, do not tilt your head forward, do not tilt your head, do not shrug, and your feet will be balancedStable position, keep the eye distance from the book to 30 cm, and the book and the desktop are about 30?
40 degree angle, sufficient light illumination.

  5, avoid reading books and newspapers in shaking places.

Because the eyes must constantly change the curvature of the crystal to adjust and adapt, the eyes are easily fatigued, and the vision is reduced.

  Using eyesight too early in preschool is harmful to children’s future eye development.

The prevention of myopia should start before it happens, and teach correct eye protection from an early age.

In case of suffering from myopia, you should receive treatment in the early stage of occurrence. It is not advisable to wear glasses or surgery directly, and to arrange appropriate schedules for children to slow down the continuous progression of myopia.