Seeing nails can also distinguish diseases

Seeing nails can also distinguish diseases

Nail refers to the hard horny surface of the extremity of the toenails, which is part of the skin. Diseases can cause the color of the deck to change, so it is a healthy mirror through which some hidden systemic diseases can be spied.

  Popular classroom nails are hard horns that extend from the end of the (phalanges) and are part of the skin.

It has the function of protecting the soft skin tissue beneath it, and can help the fingers feel the subtle sensations and complete some fine movements.

In modern society, having a complete and beautiful nails will increase people’s confidence and beauty during communication and contribute to the success of their careers.

Nails are also a healthy mirror, through which hidden systemic diseases can be detected.

  Yellow, blue, black and white doorway diseases can cause the color of the deck to change.

  White armor: When one or more white horizontal or vertical lines appear on the deck, consideration should be given to possible acute acute poisoning, niacin deficiency, and tuberculosis; etc. When the deck is partially or completely white, it may be related to nephritis, liver insufficiency, and potential metastasis.Tumor-related.

Finger (toenail) nails have 1-2 white or pale white horizontal stripes with a width of about 1-2 mm, often involving multiple decks at the same time. This is called Mees streaks, which is acute, poisonous and its compounds poisoning.Characteristic clinical manifestations.

It is usually seen after 40-60 days of acute poisoning, first appearing at the nail root, then gradually moving to the free edge of the nail with the growth of the nail, and disappearing after a few months.

  Yellow nails: The color of the nail plate turns yellow. In addition to local factors such as resorcinol and other drugs, the possible carotene metabolism disorder should be considered.

If the deck turns yellow and is accompanied by thickening, the curvature of the nail side increases, and the longitudinal and transverse diaphragms appear on the deck surface, suggesting the occurrence of yellow nail syndrome.

In addition to nail changes, patients with yellow nail syndrome are often accompanied by respiratory diseases, such as pleural effusion, bronchiectasis, emphysema, malignant tumors, nephrotic syndrome, and pneumocystis carinii.

Yellow nail syndrome is also seen in AIDS patients.

  Black nails: There are two cases. One is due to the increase in hemosiderin under the nails, which is yellowish black. Most of them are related to trauma, which can fade naturally with the growth of the nails. The first is that there is too much melanin under the nails, which is banded or full.A is gray and black, and some patients may have chronic lead poisoning, pigmented nevus or malignant melanoma, Addison’s disease, black acanthosis, and pigmentation-this phenomenon can also occur in patients with intestinal polyposis syndrome.

  Blue armor: The nail plate is blue.

Some drugs, such as apine, can cause the deck to turn blue after long-term use. It may also be a sign of silver deposits. In addition, degeneration of the hepatolenticular nucleus can also cause the color of the deck to turn blue.

  Brown nails: The nail plate is brown. It is common in soaking potassium permanganate solution, and there is a possibility of chronic mercury poisoning. Certain drug reactions (antimalarial drugs, phenols), and black echinoderma, Addison disease can also occur.
  For half armor: the deck is presented in two shades, the half on the deck is brown-red, and the proximal half is white, with clear boundaries.

It can appear during the period of nephropathy and uremia, and some energy will subside on its own.

  At the same time, the change in nail morphology is also a clinical sign of some diseases.

  Anti-Armor: Also known as spoon-shaped armor, it is named after the edge of the deck is sunken and the edge is raised like a spoon.

It suggests that the body has hypoxia, anemia, or suffers from hyperthyroidism, Sjogren’s syndrome, and so on.

Due to poor circulation of the fingertips, hypothyroidism in the nail bed tissue is caused, resulting in metabolic disorders.

  Toad-shaped armor: The deck is significantly enlarged, thickened and tilted towards the back of the nail, and is bow-shaped.

The club-shaped nails are often accompanied by club-shaped fingers (named because of the hypertrophy of the end of the fingers in the form of a drumstick).

Acanthosis is caused by a variety of causes, such as Raynaud’s disease, chronic lung diseases (such as tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, empyema, bronchial cancer, etc.), and hypertension. It can also be seen in liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism, and ulcerative colitis.Wait.
  Nail hypertrophy: The normal on the deck is obviously thickened without deformation, which is often seen in acromegaly.

  Giant armor: The nail plate is abnormally large. Complications of giant armor can occur in diseases such as acromegaly and syringomyelia.

  Nail atrophy: The deck is thin and small due to poor deck development.

It can be seen in syringomyelia, acral scleroderma, and congenital bullous epidermolysis.

  Brittle nails: The nail plate is more brittle, thin and brittle, often accompanied by longitudinal cracks and lamellar separation.

Visible in anemia, Raynaud’s disease, and vitamin A deficiency.

  The several types of osteoarthritis described above can be found in both systemic diseases and many other skin diseases.

Hyperthyroidism caused by systemic diseases leads to the lack of skin damage or clinical characteristics, which is not easy to attract the attention of patients, and the long mussels are misdiagnosed.

Therefore, when there is an unexplained thyroid disease, the cause should be carefully searched, and the doctor should be diagnosed and treated in time.

Stroke to save pain and tiredness for redemption

Stroke to save pain and tiredness for redemption

Core tip: The direct effect of stroking is to make the body uncomfortable and tired, and return to normal.

The pace of modern social life is tense, which can easily affect people’s emotions, make people’s skin and muscles over fatigue, and cause skin and skin to wrinkle.

  We observe that cats and dogs gain some sense of security by touching the soft fur.

When a person encounters a failure or anxiety, most people will carefully press their foreheads, clenching their hands or crossing their hands. These are all actions that want to feel safe by touching their own body.

  Women are born cats!

They all like to be stroked, the gentle stroke from head to tail.

At this time they will crawl in your arms or legs, quietly closing your eyes and enjoying.

Everyone has the feeling of being touched, and also has the experience of touching people.

  Stroking is a way for people to convey their emotions.

We know that stroking young children with high blood pressure and character building plays a very important role.

Adults need to hug their children several times a day.

Adopting a head-to-head and chest-to-chest full-body hug can make children physically comfortable and happy.

  With the implementation of the sporting fetal education, you can compare the discs and learn the popular massage techniques for babies nowadays. With the beautiful sound of music, use your hands to contact the fetus intimately, so that your unborn child can enjoy the warmest and most comfortableStroke!

Many parents, especially mothers, have experienced this: your stroking can make irritable, crying children quiet, they can go to the other side, and children who have difficulty falling asleep fall asleep.

  Therefore, parents, no matter how busy they are and how tight their time is, they need to squeeze a little time with your child to caress your child.

This will be conducive to the healthy growth of children, and will also bring you unlimited enjoyment of love. Children are like this, let alone adults?

Momo means “press gently with your hands and move back and forth.”

  The direct effect of stroking is to make physiological fatigue and return to normal.

The pace of modern social life is tense, which can easily affect people’s emotions, make people’s skin and muscles over fatigue, and cause skin and skin to wrinkle.

Office men keep your neck straight

Office men keep your neck straight

Starting position of flexion and extension of the neck with one hand: Press one hand on the right side of the head and the other hand on the left waist.

Sit back and play.

  Action process: Press the hand on the right side of the head to push the head to the left, and on the contrary, press it hard to prevent it from being easily overwhelmed but gradually overwhelmed.

Then, usually lift your head up and to the right, and press your head firmly with your right hand to prevent it from lifting easily, but gradually it is completely correct.

Repeat this process many times until you are expected to feel sore.

Step by step, change to the other side.

  Breathing method: Inhale when pressing the head firmly with one hand, and exhale when pressing to the end.

  Points to note: Be careful not to use too large or too strong resistance, the first few times the force should be smaller, and then gradually increase, causing distortion injury.

Do not allow it to rotate, but just flex and stretch.

  Starting position of flexion and extension of the head pressing the iron sheet neck: On the prone side, holding an iron sheet in both hands and pressing it behind the head, the head droops.

  Movement process: Raise your head to the highest point possible.

The best way to relax is to let your head droop slowly to the original position.

  Breathing method: Inhale when the head is raised and exhale when it is sagging.

  Points to note: When looking up, try to look up, and when looking down, try to look down.

In this way, flexion and extension can be thorough.

Ugly woman self image concern deviation

Ugly woman self image concern deviation

Counselor: You look like you’re not as pretty as you were ten years ago (the client is a 42-year-old woman).

How do you think about this change?

  Consultant: I lost my beauty, and I started to grow old. If I continue to do this, I will be really unattractive.

  Counselor: What drives you to think that you are not as profitable as in the past7.
  Consultant: I examined myself in front of the mirror, and I noticed wrinkles on my face, and my hair was not as old as before.

  Counselor: So, when you look at yourself carefully in front of the mirror, do you see imperfections?

Is this what you mean by “unattractive” and “lost in appearance”?

  Consultant: Yes, I am not as good as before.

  Consultant: Does this feeling promote you to do something different?

  Consultant: Every morning I spend a lot of time on makeup. Maybe I will have a charming face.

  Counselor: You have done a lot to improve your feeling of being unattractive. Have you done anything to avoid this feeling?

  Consultant: Yes, because my skin tone is not good, I avoid sitting in bright light. I avoid parties, especially those with many young women.

  Counselor: If you attend the party, what do you think will happen?

  Consultant: If I go, I can’t stand the bright light. I think I will always think about it. I pointed out with those young women that they look much older than them.

  Counselor: As long as you escape from the party, can you escape the feeling that you are not attractive?

  Consultant: Yes.

  Consultant: When did you first find yourself unattractive?

  Consultant: Well, when I was a teenager, I wore fool-like glasses, and my friends made fun of me.

I’m really an ordinary child.

  Counselor: What happened then?

  Consultant: Then I started to choose to change something.

I make myself plump, boys like that.

I wear contact lenses, but I always find myself really ugly.

  Consultant: Do you think you are ugly? Is there anything you can do?

  Consultant: Yes, it’s easy to say that!

I had been a dancer for a year in college, and being a dancer made me feel pretty, as if I could control all the men who fascinated me.

Psychological Games in Luxury Pricing

“Psychological Games” in Luxury Pricing

The uniqueness in pricing is enough to increase the mystery of luxury brands to ordinary people, and those astronomical labels give consumers an inexplicable psychological satisfaction.

In the face of the crisis, luxury goods did not take “price reduction” as an option. “Even if you decently” dead “, you can’t achieve the” streaking “of the price, because that is tantamount to self-destruction.”
    The situation in Hong Kong is even more exciting. “It’s not like waiting to spend money. It’s like waiting for a generous government relief.”-Huang Jianxiang described the long queues on the streets of Hong Kong at the end of the year.Famous brand people, and the background is ultra-low discounts given by luxury brands.
    In Shanghai, a shopping mall has held several luxury brand sales events in just a few months, and many brands such as Burburry, Gucci and CK have arrived.
    As long as news of discounts on luxury goods appears, some big-name fans will still follow them-it is not to be said that when people enjoy the discounts of houses and cars in this round of financial turmoil, they also hope that they can be cheaper.Price has luxury.
    In the pricing of luxury goods, price is one of the key factors for positioning consumers. This leads to a paradox in reality: assuming that a low price can also buy the same product, then “luxury” will not be found.I feel it.
    Fewer parties, fewer outings . The sales of luxury goods that used to symbolize status, status, and taste are bound to be directly affected by the financial crisis, and sales are declining.
Will they take the form of general consumer goods price reductions?
    According to the judgment of Lu Xiao, assistant professor of marketing at the School of Management of Fudan University, Chinese director of the Fudan-Italy Bocconi fashion and luxury management project, and luxury brand management expert, although each round of the economic cycle will trigger a luxury brand survival的危机,可是他们面对危机时并没有把“降价”作为可选项,也就是说“即使体面地‘死掉’,也绝不能实现价格的‘裸奔’,因为那无异于自绝后路”.
    He explained that although information on discounted sales of luxury goods came from all over the world, the current discount strategy was more related to emptying inventory than low-price strategies.
    The “psychological game” of luxury pricing An American describes it in his blog: Whenever a friend comes to Los Angeles, he will take them to visit Rodeo Drive (the gathering place of all local luxury brands)-very few people will actually be thereSpend money, but some people will walk in curiously, and wonder why a Versace jacket can sell for such a high price of $ 3,000.
In this regard, the American’s explanation is that Versace, this brand alone is enough to show how they differ from GAP (another mid-range clothing brand), although the latter sells for only $ 100.
    Unique pricing is enough to increase the mystery of luxury brands for ordinary people.
As a result, the question of “how much to spend on a suit is the answer” has puzzled Barry Schwarz, a psychology professor at Swarthmore College.
    When Schwarz first saw a $ 3,000 Brioni (a supplier that supplies formal clothes to the upper-class American society, such as the Kennedy family) on the shelf at the Boyds men’s store in Philadelphia, the first impression was that the price was “really outrageous””.
That experience even triggered Schwarz’s series of studies on luxury pricing. He described those “high-priced products” as “anchors”, and it was they that set the price ceiling for some products that could not be clearly priced-this isThe usual pricing rules in the luxury and fashion industries.
    ”Suppose a consumer wants to try to decipher the pricing of luxury goods from the consumer goods themselves.
“Lu Xiao said.

Take a bottle opener as an example, the function of having a bottle opener is not enough for luxury products, because those high-priced products must meet people’s aesthetic needs, so from the design and concept, additional investment is needed;In addition, this bottle opener must become a symbol of social status and reflect a certain cultural taste.
Therefore, luxury manufacturers need to invest additional funds in order to meet the latter’s “spiritual level” needs.
Razler once pointed out in the book “Luxury brings wealth”: Luxury manufacturers will also try their best to maintain lower costs and avoid waste, but the issue of cost is generally second.
This brings the difference between brand-name and non-brand-name: the former always asks itself “what is the best thing I can use on this product”; the latter asks itself “the best thing that I can use within the prescribed costWhat is it. ”
     ”High price” pricing method: According to the popular “price pricing method”, product price = manufacturing cost + R & D cost + marketing expenses + sales expenses + management expenses + exchange gains and losses + reasonable profit + brand premium.
    ”But this pricing method obviously does not apply to luxury brands. Every company and every family business has its own completely different pricing law, and it is secretive.
One of the most important principles is to maintain the same price of the same product in different markets around the world.
而其中,昂贵的运输成本、关税以及国际化零售与营销产生的巨额支出令奢侈品的成本往往居高不下,他们的销售秘诀不是‘大批量’,而是昂贵成本之后,再以昂贵的价格Limited sale.
“Lu Xiao said.
   As an example, a famous GUCCI saying is “make a product scarce and hard to find, and you can sell it for a hefty price.”
Therefore, when the GUCCI boss bought YSL that year, most of the YSL stores were closed first, hoping to prove the possibility that high prices and less supply may trigger profit growth.
Sure enough, YSL’s profits did climb that year.
    Therefore, these astronomical labels finally gave consumers an inexplicable psychological satisfaction, which eventually made Barry Schwarz, who regarded a suit with a price of 3,000 US dollars as a sky-high price, stunned and involuntarily raised his own acceptable psychological price.He chose a suit that cost “only” $ 800 and went out.
By making such an analogy, the psychology of consumers who buy LV keychains, Chanel sunglasses or Prada wallets is not difficult to understand-they have therefore justified the high price.
    Assuming there is no worrying financial crisis, perhaps there will be less doubts about luxury brands’ high-price strategies.
However, the price of mass consumer goods is declining, and people cannot help but think whether luxury brands should also adjust their prices.
    However, Lu Xiao believes that these questions are unrealistic, because from the perspective of price, there is not much room for luxury brands to “represent their original shape.”
In fact, even YSL, which artificially created a “scarce” scene, has only profited from 5.
6% to 8%, so Lu Xiao believes that the high price positioning has not brought the “big profits” imagined by the public to luxury brands.     ”In the 1980s, many people imagined that family companies operating luxury brands are enjoying huge profits, so investment banks buy luxury goods companies, but they soon find that luxury goods have high operating costs, high risks, high technological content, and complicated management skills.
So they gradually gave up the operation of this category, and finally these brands were integrated by several large international luxury goods groups.

“Lu Xiao said.
    The survival crisis behind Guangxian “Until now, we have not seen any structural problems in the pricing of luxury goods, and even in the face of the international financial crisis, these luxury brands do not have a price space in which they are” present. ”

Suppose that under such a fact, they “dead” because they maintained a high price and no sales existed. Then, the positioning of this brand still exists. Otherwise, what reason do they have to make a comeback?

“Xiao Xiao said to the” First Financial Daily “.

    On the international level, these glamorous fashion brands have already experienced the cold winter this year.

   In early October 2008, Bain & Company announced that after 10 years of steady development, the proportion of global luxury sales will reach 7% by 2009.

According to the latest data released by the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, the sales of high-end watches should continue in 2009, but the year-on-year growth will not exceed 5%. According to this, it reached 10% in 2008. 2007Even up to 16%.

    At the same time, Richemont, the owner of Cartier, IWC and other famous watch brands, also warned about the uncertain future. Its CEO Johann Rupert said that Richemont’s sales growth in October 2008 slowed to one.

6%, sales in the United States and Japan fell by 2% and 7%, respectively.

Bulgari also had a hard time, and its watch segment saw its sales drop by 5 in September 2008.

8%, and it dropped sharply from July to September.


    ”You will see the stores in Hang Lung Plaza alternately in the state of renovation. This is because there are constant brand exits and new brands re-enter.

Because most luxury brands bear expensive rents without exception, according to the “guarantee distribution” method of rent payment, they need to pay a higher portion of the rent than other consumer goods.

Assuming they can’t sell a bag for the next day, it will mean that they need to pay the guaranteed rent themselves.

“Lu Xiao said.
His second-level Hang Lung Plaza is a high-end mall with the most international luxury brands in the core area of Shanghai.

   On the one hand, the cost of imported luxury goods is high, and on the other hand, the purchasing group’s assets have shrunk due to the financial crisis.

According to the “Citibank Millionaires Survey Report 2008” survey, millionaires holding more than 5 million replacement current assets, measured in 2007, lost 36% of their assets; 2 million to 5 million millionaires emitting current assets, Asset loss reached 10%; while current assets were discharged from 1 million to 2 million rebuilt millionaires, asset loss reached 13%.

    ”So you will see that luxury brands empty their inventory through the off-season product sale. Often, the VIP customers who have accumulated their own first choose to buy and accumulate, and then the sales volume can basically be sold out.

But if there is no sales, they will withdraw from the market.

“Lu Xiao said.
But this does not mean that they reset the overall price reduction. In Lu Xiao’s view, that is tantamount to digging their own graves.

    ”There are so many examples-Pier, who once belonged to the big names?

Cardan used to keep lowering prices because of his own business problems. Now, will luxury lovers buy their products?

“He said.

Psychological mystery of rubbing hands


Psychological mystery of rubbing hands

In life, seemingly subtle actions are often the easiest to “sell” us.

Like rubbing our palms and clinking the copper coins in our pockets, all of them reveal our inner thoughts.

  First, rub the palm of the hand. When the child sees his mother pushing a car from the supermarket, he is likely to rub the palm and make the gesture of expectation.

Or, a 60-year-old company president is presiding over an important meeting. At this moment, the secretary sends a note. After reading, he stands up and rubs his hands, saying, “Dear, we have reached a contract with a huge company amount.

“In the videotape of the negotiation, someone rubbed his hands quickly, as if expecting something.

At the beginning of the negotiation, some people saw that this gesture was very difficult, and they would immediately pause and ask the other party if they had other arrangements in advance.

His smile will tell you that his hand rubbing motion only convinced us that he knew and liked what was coming.

People often wash their hands and rub their hands before performing this activity.

Unless he has a cold hand, he is suggesting an interest in that activity.

Maybe this is why the gambler always rubs his hands before rolling the dice.

  Another stance is a sudden bad mood, which is to slowly rub your wet hands with a cloth.

This gesture is not an expression of self-confidence, but it seems to be nervous and upset.

Many people dry their sweaty hands on something when they are nervous.

Men usually use pants, and women often use handkerchiefs or toilet paper.

Testifying in court, newcomers giving speeches or athletes waiting to play, often made some gesture to wipe off the sweat on the palm.

  Second, ringing the copper plate in the pocket. Dr. Sanderman observed that people who often jingle the copper plate in the pocket are either very meaningful or short of money.

Anyone who arrives at the Las Vegas seat must remember playing dice, slot machines or other gambling equipment. The copper plates in their pockets always jingle.

  One of our friends is a producer of a film company. He is always used to ringing the copper plates in his pants pockets. When you ask him why he did this, his answer is: “Remind me when I had no money.

“Did you notice how the beggar walked past you, he always jingled the money in the tin can, indicating that they needed the money.

Service staff who live on tips often seem to ring coins as a means of passing information to guests.

  Third, the gesture of pressing your middle finger on your index finger with crossed fingers can return to our childhood.

Young children often cross their fingers when they tell an insignificant lie to their parents, or when they are looking for good luck.

  In his “The Habits of Speech and Posture”, Dr. Sander Federman pointed out that it was “a magical, avoiding evil attitude, regardless of whether the evil is born of the heart or foreign.

“A friend travelled by plane to transfer at an airport that is known for being always late. He crossed his fingers and said to others,” Maybe you can catch the transfer plane.

“In business or social situations, this attitude is more common than we know, it is often very secretive, and it soon separates after splitting.

In many stressful situations, this attitude was photographed.

When a party makes a request or request, they slightly cross their fingers and express their hope that his wishes will be recognized.

  In certain countries, the gesture of crossed fingers indicates that they are very close.

In the United States, two fingers are joined together without crossing, and they say, “We are so close.

Prone sleeping style is unhealthy

Prone sleeping style is unhealthy

Sleeping on your stomach for a long time will compress the scrotum and stimulate the penis, which will easily lead to replacement of spermatorrhea. Repeated spermatorrhea will cause dizziness, back pain, fatigue and weakness, and cause concentration. If it is serious, it will affect normal work and life.

  Many male friends like to sleep on their stomachs.

This prone sleeping mode not only easily compresses the internal organs, makes breathing difficult, but also affects the reproductive system.

Especially for young people, it hurts the budget.

  First of all, sleeping for a long time will force the scrotum, stimulate the penis, and easily lead to replacement of nocturnal emission.

The disappearing sperm can cause dizziness, back pain, fatigue, and lack of attention. In severe cases, it can affect normal work and life.

Young people are already sensitive to penile stimulation, let alone adopt this sleeping position.

In addition, people with nocturnal emission should also be aware that this sleeping position worsens the illness.

  In addition, the scrotum is a man’s “small refrigerator”. It needs to maintain a constant temperature to facilitate sperm production.

The temperature of the scrotum rises before lying on your stomach, and it is not easy to dissipate heat in a timely manner, so it has a certain impact on sperm growth.

Be especially careful of young people who have not yet been born.

  What kind of sleeping position is better?

Specifically, the principle is not to compress internal organs, which is good for rest.

I recommend that men take a supine or right-side sleeping position, which will not compress the seminal vesicles or the heart (the opposite will compress the heart), which is best for the body.

Spine daily health tips to prevent children from hump

Spine daily health tips to prevent children from hump

Guide: Due to improper sitting and other reasons, many children have hump, what do children do if they always hump?

For adolescents who are growing fast, special precautions need to be taken in terms of the spine?

At the beginning of the new semester, learn from the editors how to help your child protect the spine.

  ”Positive hump” variable “Structured hump” reporter learned from the Guangzhou General Hospital Orthopedics Hospital of the Guangzhou Military Region that the number of primary and secondary school students who see a doctor for posture hump is excessive, accounting for about 10% of adolescent spine patients.

  ”For adolescents, sitting is very important.

Incorrect sitting posture is not only harmful to the development of the spine itself, but also harmful to children’s vision.

“Ma Xiangyang, chief physician of the Orthopedic Hospital of Guangzhou General Hospital of the Guangzhou Military Region, said that most children brought to the clinic by their parents due to hump are still at the” posture hump “stage.” Although the films made by these children are notNo problem, but when they sit or stand, their backs are always humped.

Ma Xiangyang reminded that even if “posture hump” will not have any effect on the spine for a while, but over time, the child may change from “posture hump” to “habitual hump” and pass through the local intervertebral disc of the spine, and the ligaments occur.Changes can eventually cause structural changes and become “structural hump”.

  Suggestion: Do more pull-up exercises. “Usually let your child do more pull-up exercises, which can stretch the spine.

In addition, radio gymnastics, table tennis, badminton and other sports activities can also relax the child’s spine.

“Ma Xiangyang suggested that families with conditions allow children to participate in swimming,” especially the breaststroke, which is good for the spine, which can keep the spine in the least stressed state, and at the same time, the muscles of the waist and muscles can be exercised.

He reminded that there are some small details in life, sometimes: children are prevented from carrying a backpack or using a trolley bag at school, not a shoulder bag; it is best to sleep on a hard board bed with a mattress; the height of the pillows should beGrowth and development adjustments also help protect the child’s spine.

  Children’s tables and chairs can be adjusted to maximize height. Children’s tables and chairs used at home should be height-adjustable. Ma Xiangyang reminded that parents should let their children sit down while helping children adjust the height of tables and chairs.When you put your feet on the ground, your knees are bent naturally at 90 degrees, and your arms are placed on the table, and they are also bent naturally at 90 degrees. “If the table is too high, the child’s hands need to be set up, which is very uncomfortable and the table is too low., It is easy to hump.

Relaxation after exercise is also important

Relaxation after exercise is also important

Relaxation after fitness exercise is also called rest exercise.

In order to enhance the training effect, professional athletes are very valuable to relax after training.

Relaxation can strengthen the quality of training and is a strong guarantee for the progress of the training plan.

And the masses of the group relax after leisure sports, but few people realize it.

Careful relaxation after exercise can make people have a buffering and finishing process from exercise to stopping exercise.

The rapid and correct application of the breath can gradually relax the tense muscles, slow down the excessively fast pulse, return to normal, gradually raise the blood pressure to return to normal, and excitement gradually return to calmness.

  Full body relaxation should include: upper limb relaxation activities: and, the upper limbs lean forward, and the shoulders are repeated repeatedly until the fever stops.

Lower extremity relaxation exercises: supine, leg lift, pat, massage, shaking inside thigh, front, back and back of calf, buttocks, abdomen, side waist.

Group body knee-relaxing exercise: Hold your knees with your hands, squat, lower your head, and repeatedly tremble up and down until the lumbar spine heats up.

Whole body rest exercise: contraction, knees yielding, hands raised to the ground, full use of breath, inhale deeply into the chest, “hold your breath” (ie, do not breathe or breathe, not hold your breath) slowly exhale to the abdomen (ie Dantian).

Repeat this several times while slowly raising the upper limbs and standing up until the pulse returns to the normal pulse stop before exercise.

  The correct choice of relaxation method, the full guarantee of relaxation time will get more weight loss results with less effort.

If you need to lose weight in your lower limbs, you can do lower limb relaxation exercises after one hour of aerobic exercise (the same method as before).

Lying on your back changes the gravity of the lower limbs and improves blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Guaranteed for more than 10 minutes of relaxation exercise, the energy supply of excess rare earth in the body can reach 65% -90%, or even more than 90%.

Due to gravity, blood circulation in the lower limbs is better than that in the upper limbs. At this time, the consumption of body fat is mainly caused by the excess of the upper and lower legs, abdomen, side waist, and chest.

Naturally, you have successfully completed your lower limb weight loss plan.

Don’t be negative in front of children

Don’t be negative in front of children

The third-year elementary school student Liu Gang often had conflicts with his classmates, and was irritable. He yelled a little when he was unhappy, patted the table, dropped books, and was unwilling to associate with his classmates.

The most obvious one was in an art class. He forgot to bring art materials and did math homework alone.

The art teacher criticized that not only did he not confess his mistakes, but also shouted and disturbed the order in the classroom.

Liu Gang’s mother, Ms. Lu, couldn’t find a psychological teacher for analysis, which turned out to be related to their often negative attitude in front of children.

  □ “Segregated” education affects children’s concept of communication. Liu Fenghua, a teacher at the Hebei Provincial Institute of Education, introduced that 9-year-old Liu Gang was regarded as a pearl by his parents and grandparents. His family provided him with good living conditions.Do not want him to associate with those naughty children, Liu Gang often reads books at home, making him rarely contact with children of the same age.

Because the father was dissatisfied with his life, he often talked about the unhealthy relationships between people in front of his children, which made him heard. In his small heart, he avoided the hatred of society and the distrust of people.
  Because Liu Gang has a narrow life circle and has a natural age gap with his parents, he doesn’t talk to his parents about any grievances. He just stays in a small room for a while, or reads books to relieve boredom.

Not only did the parents not be alarmed by this, they thought he was a good child who loved to learn, which made him go further and further on the road of loneliness.

His parents are very busy with work and usually take care of him.

But for a little bit, it was either to urge him to review his homework or to let him do the papers, but rarely to communicate emotionally with him.

His parents’ expectations for education were too high, which caused him to bear the pressure of learning that was extremely disproportionate to his age. Under such circumstances, he could only bury his interests and hobbies in the inner world.

Going to school alone, sitting alone in the seat during the class, playing with small toys, never actively looking for classmates to play.

  □ Establishing a proactive “diplomatic image” Liu Fenghua introduced that the pace of life changes is constantly accelerating, and worries and irritability often lead to complaints from some parents. This is understandable.

But don’t let these complaints be exposed without fear in front of the child, otherwise it will cause harm to the child’s young mind and cause the child to have unhealthy psychology and behavior.

Parents of Liu Gang should realize that they must promote the positive and positive aspects of society in front of their children, in order to cultivate their noble moral sentiments, educate their children to be good to others, not to worry about small things, and to have an open mind.

And greatly reduce the child’s learning burden, encourage him to go out of the house, let him play with children of the same age.

When Liu Gang brought his little friend home, parents should not stretch their faces, but should help him entertain the little guests.

  For students who have similar problems with Liu Gang, when they find that others have shortcomings, and these shortcomings hurt themselves, they should not be resentful, nor should they accompany the severing of contacts. Instead, they should use their love to help those students to correct mistakes.Strengthen communication and exchanges, and actively resolve conflicts, so as to establish good interpersonal relationships and get happiness from them.