Diet conditioning for autumn diarrhea in children

Diet conditioning for autumn diarrhea in children

Early in the autumn and during the middle period, the temperature is still high, and there is a lot of rain in the fall. The humidity penetrates, and the food is easy to rot and deteriorate after being placed, causing pathogenic bacteria to breed actively.

If you do not pay attention to food hygiene, eating these foods often causes acute inflammation, which is manifested by acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and nausea and vomiting.

Children have a weak constitution and are susceptible to viral infections in the body to cause autumn diarrhea.

  For the management of diarrhea, in addition to paying attention to rest and giving necessary antibiotics and antiviral drugs, special attention should be paid to dietary conditioning.

Properly adjusted to relieve symptoms quickly, can also quickly recover physical strength, improve health.

  First, according to the characteristics of the body’s large loss of water during diarrhea, it is appropriate to increase the intake of liquid diets, such as milk, rice flour, vegetable juice, fruit juice, egg soup, soft noodles and gruel.

These liquid diets are easy to digest and absorb, and contain a lot of electrolytes needed by the body.

  Basically, properly adding some fruits and vegetables to the diet, such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, citrus and red fruits, etc., can be rich in vitamins C and B, and can stop diarrhea, astringent effect, and even increase body fluids.

Egg crusts also have an astringent effect after implantation, and the insertion protects the implanted mucosa and ulcer surface.

If diarrhea is too long, you can eat a small piece of baked pasta before each meal. This is also called “carbon powder” in medicine. It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that can absorb bacteria and toxins and replace them in vitro., Shrink convergence and clean static electricity.

  Third, the patient’s condition is under control. When he begins to return to normal eating, he must first transition from liquid to semi-liquid and then to soft rice.

Pay attention to small and frequent meals. Do not eat too much at the beginning to prevent indigestion and abdominal distension caused by increasing the burden on the dialysis tract.

In addition, patients should pay attention to eat less greasy and excessive crude fiber foods such as leeks, celery, pepper and animal fats, to avoid reheating peristalsis and not conducive to lesion repair.

Do not eat more fruits such as bananas and pears.

  Fourth, most of the children’s autumn diarrhea are caused by viral infections in the body, and they are not effective against antibiotics. Therefore, antibiotics must be used with caution, resulting in the abuse of antibiotics.

For children with autumn diarrhea, it can be taken orally, such as Huoxiangzhengqi water, berberine and Zhengqi capsules, to prevent inflammation and toxins, regulate the spleen and stomach, and improve the condition.

In general, if diarrhea in children is not frequent, fasting is not necessary, and babies can breastfeed normally.

If diarrhea is severe, fast for a short period of time. After the condition improves, start with a liquid, digestible diet. Don’t eat meat, eggs and other non-digestible foods too early, but milk and fish are not contraindicated.

Keep in mind 7 skin care tabs for best results

Keep in mind 7 skin care tabs for best results

Choosing skin care products is like falling in love, the best is not necessarily the best for you.
Many people have experienced this: they spent a lot of money investing in a well-known skin care product, but found that the effect was unsatisfactory.
In fact, it is not that this product has a sham name, nor is it that your skin has a problem, it may be that the choice and use method “sell” you.
If you want the best skin care products, you must look at the seven rules.
  1 Avoid lotions. Summer skin should be light-tongued. What happened: July and August, the most enthusiastic sunshine, the face is always oily. Many women choose exfoliating lotions in daily maintenance and use them daily.
  某些化妆水不宜天天用 去角质化妆水 只宜急救用  不管是什么肤质,如果每天使用去角质化妆水,都有可能会伤害到肌肤正常的角质层,你会发现,肌肤越用越干.
In fact, using exfoliating lotion 1 to 2 times a week is enough.
The temporary emergency effect is good. If the makeup is more concentrated on a certain day, the skin is still dull after removing makeup, or if there is a special event the next day, I hope that the skin will be brighter and shiny. You can use exfoliating lotion to make SOS after removing makeup.First aid to help with secondary cleansing, the skin will become softer.
  2 Freckle-reducing products Only use the best one-season error. After 30 years, there are more opportunities for plaques. The use of freckle-whitening repair products to suppress the cracks has also become part of daily maintenance.
  Don’t let the skin become dependent on wrinkles. Long-term freckle The skin will be “partially eclipsed”. Spots are the enemy of all women. Fortunately, there is a skin care product called freckle products that can treat spots.
This kind of freckle whitening product has a very strong purpose: only one point, not as good as the rest, the effect is of course great.
However, if it is used for a long time, it is likely to make the skin “eclipse” and even affect the skin’s own repair function.
Therefore, do not use freckle products for too long, just a season.
  3 Remove makeup with caution Do n’t forcefully remove oil. What happened: Summer with excessive oil secretion makes women love and hate.
Makeup and oil on the face are mixed together. Make sure to clean thoroughly and make-up remover becomes a daily necessity.
  Cleansing oil is not always available In summer, skin oils are secreted more, and many women use cleansing oils known for their cleansing power every day.
In fact, the ultraviolet rays and heat in the summer can make the skin more fragile. If you don’t apply heavy makeup, give up the cleansing oil.
Strong cleansing oils are likely to irritate the skin and even cause acne and acne.
  Refreshing cleansing products are more suitable for sensitive and fragile skin. Cleaning + Hydrating Makeup Remover for more horsepower. 当然 The cleansing power of Makeup Remover is of course not to say. The most important thing is that it is gentle enough. Makeup remover and moisturizing at the same time.
If you are over 25 years old, be a big fan of makeup remover.
Of course, the makeup removal process will be a little more complicated. You must first warm up the makeup remover with your hands, then gently massage in circles to help clean, then wipe off the cream with a tissue, and finally clean your face again, but for our beauty face, thenTrouble is worth it.
  4 Effective eye cream The effect determines the method What happened: Many women no matter what effect eye cream they use, they gently press or massage from inside to outside.
  Anti-wrinkle eye cream The end of the eye is the focus of massage If the goal is to dilute crow’s feet, when applying the eye cream, use two fingers to gently open the lines of the end of the eye.
  大牌眼霜也不是随便擦上就能发挥神奇效果的   淡化黑眼圈 就要眼底点压   淡化黑眼圈功效的眼霜,涂抹时需重点强调眼底,取一粒米大小的眼霜,轻轻点在眼下,用Fingerless pressure helps absorption, and the entire dark circles are included in the sphere of influence of the massage.
  5 30 seconds Challenge Absorptive What happened: Hurry in the morning and race against time. Although the daily maintenance procedures are done due diligence, it is usually a fast-forward version, which can be done in two minutes.
  保养和化妆 间隔5分钟   有时,皮肤对保养品的吸收度会比较低,日霜或防晒霜的质地又比较浓稠,所以保养和化妆程序间,最少要间隔5~10分钟,不然肌肤没有充分Absorbs the cream, the foundation may float on the skin surface, and the makeup is difficult to follow.
  There are too many types of makeup products, and the effect of a brain overlapping on the face is naturally reduced. Maintenance procedures are spaced at intervals of 30 seconds. 护肤 Each skin care procedure should be spaced between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to give the skin a certain reaction time to better absorb the care products.
It sounds like a waste of time, but the method is actually very simple: After you apply the lotion, you can use your fingertips to gently pat the skin to help absorb it. After you apply the lotion, you need to massage in circles. You feel that the skin is absorbed and the interval is up.
  6 Apply physical sunscreen evenly. What happened: Many people think that no matter what sunscreen products, they should be applied half an hour before going out, and they must be patted to help the skin absorb.
  This summer’s most special for sunburn The more popular physical sunscreens this year generally use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the main ingredients, which are more gentle and non-irritating, and are suitable for sensitive skin.
Sunscreens for sunburn patients in the hospital are generally these two ingredients. Do you know how safe it is?
  Many sunscreens do not need your skin to absorb them. Do not need to be absorbed by the skin. When applying physical sunscreen products, apply them smoothly along the texture of the skin to allow the sunscreen to form a protective film on the surface of the skin for better UV protection.
This method can be different from applying chemical sunscreen: it does not require an advance amount, and it cannot be pressed to absorb the skin, which will reduce the effect.
Because chemical sun protection is based on absorption of ultraviolet rays, physical sun protection is to reflect ultraviolet rays.
  7 Don’t apply cold again. What happened: summer is hot, many women often keep a mask in the refrigerator for cold compresses, or put a small towel in the refrigerator and keep it cold at any time.
  用平价化妆棉冷敷,更能贴合面部轮廓   敷棉片>冷敷面膜   许多时尚杂志和节目都告诉大家冰敷是降温的最佳办法,冰敷当然降温最快,但会在短时间内给肌肤Extremely hot and cold irritation is a great test for the more fragile skin.
Give up the ice pack, there are better ways: soak the cotton pad with moisturizing lotion, and then put it on the forehead, cheeks, chin and even the nose, and apply it for 3 minutes.stimulate.

Post-80 Diet Therapy


Post-80 Diet Therapy

“How soon will I grow old?

“The answer is closely related to your diet and habits.

We cannot stop aging, but we can delay its arrival.

The key is what we eat and how we exercise.

  Eat more colors, don’t let your body “become” every day, or even every second, our bodies are dealing with oxygen, which is a necessity for our metabolism.

But oxygen also has formaldehyde.

Oxygen free radicals formed during the oxidation process are highly active molecules. If we do not perform directional control and transform the body, our DNA will be destroyed.

Just like the original smooth and strong iron, it continuously reacts with oxygen in the air to oxidize and rust.

Cell damage caused by oxidation is considered the root cause of human aging and triggers a variety of diseases.

How to prevent our body from being “bad”?

We need a strong defense system.

  A variety of fruits and vegetables are the most effective sources of antioxidants. Doctors mentioned an interesting point in the research: “Colors protect your body from oxygen damage.”

  Plants in nature are colorful, red strawberries, green broccoli, orange carrots, purple grapes . all colored substances protect plants from the harm of atmospheric oxygen.

They look colored because the chemical structures in these substances can absorb visible light.

This chemical property can neutralize the damage of free radicals.

Take apples for example. Complete apples can be stored for many days, but a cut apple will soon be oxidized to brown.

Therefore, red apple peel contains beneficial substances that resist oxidation.

The doctor suggested that you eat more colored vegetables and fruits every day.

In addition to supplementation, necessary nutrient intake is necessary.

He also suggested that if possible, sort the ingredients in your kitchen according to color and arrange your seven-color recipe for the week.

  In addition to colored substances, fruits and vegetables also contain a variety of antioxidants that can help strengthen your own “antioxidant defense system”.

Vitamins C and E are common antioxidants.

The magazine selected the 10 most antioxidant foods, and tomato ranked first.

Because tomatoes are rich in lycopene, lycopene has 20 times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C.

The funny thing is that eating tomatoes can double their antioxidant capacity.

Although the vitamin C contained in the tortured or processed tomatoes (ketchup, tomato juice, canned tomatoes) will be destroyed, the lycopene content can be increased several times and the antioxidant function is also stronger.

In addition, grapes, green tea, garlic, broccoli, etc. are all excellent antioxidant foods.

  Protein supplements, the best anti-aging diet against skin sagging also includes a large amount of animal and vegetable proteins from seafood, eggs, nonfat milk, chicken breasts, and so on, such as soybean low-fat protein.

  British researchers have found that human skin begins to grow around the age of 25, and the rate of skin protein (the pillars implanted into the skin) slows down. In addition, the elastin elasticity that allows the skin to spring back quickly expands and contracts, and even breaks.You start to age naturally around the age of 25.

Women are particularly clear on this point.

Dead skin cells do not fall off quickly, and the amount of new skin cells produced may be slightly reduced, resulting in fine lines and wrinkled skin.

  When combined with proper physical exercise, excess protein helps us integrate and maintain muscle, and it also resists skin sagging.

Many women gradually get older and tend to lose their body shape.

This is all the trouble with protein.

With the increase of age, the body’s protein is gradually lost, which causes the trouble of skin relaxation, lack of elasticity and wrinkles.

Nowadays, it is popular to eat collagen for beauty. In fact, the body also needs to supplement protein.

Women especially recommend more plant protein supplements, soy protein in some soy beans.

Plant protein can help women sculpt the figure, and it can regulate and stabilize endocrine.Experts believe that: fish meat that provides animal protein and soybeans that provide plant protein are particularly suitable foods for women, and they can usually be supplemented in appropriate amounts.

Protein can also be supplemented through protein powder.

  Weight control, calcium supplementation and weight control are important ways to make your legs flexible.

As we get older, the adults we burn during exercise gradually decrease, and at the same time our weight grows darker.

Weight gain puts extra pressure on the joints, making movement more difficult.

Slow activity leads to more accumulation in adults, eventually forming a vicious circle.

Maintaining a slender figure is always a requirement for appearance, and it is also a requirement for health.

In addition to reducing joint burden by controlling weight, we also need to strengthen bones through calcium supplementation.

After the age of 28, bone calcium is reduced to 0 each year.

1% -0.

5% reduction in speed, calcium supplementation is necessary.

And women need slightly more calcium than men, should reach 1000 mg per day, 1500 mg per day during pregnancy.

Experts recommend that you pay attention when choosing calcium supplement products. Calcium and vitamin D are the best partners. Taking them together can promote calcium absorption.

  In addition, regular exercise and more social participation can keep you physically and mentally younger.

  As you approach the age of 30, you need to pay more attention to your physical alarms: whether there is a “mouse hand”; whether you pay attention to calcium supplements;

Today, we often hear the phrase: “30 years old is another form of 20 years old.”

As health and happiness become a top priority, it is believed that from the start of maintenance today, the pace of aging and many common diseases it brings can also be replaced.

Please send me a rose

Please send me a rose

Many times, there will be such feelings. When two people are in love, they will find that they have the same academic qualifications and are partially similar.

I will feel that I am in love, I will walk side by side, I will look at each other with tears in my eyes.

The two of them said to each other, “We are a natural pair!

“Others will say,” You guys are a natural pair!

“But in the rolling red dust, who and who would be a natural pair?

No two people in the world will be born to each other.

It’s just that when two people are in love, they pass more and more subjective imagination to the loving partner, construct a substitute for loving each other around him, and then protect this possibility in an alternative quiet wayNot destroyed.

  Later, the two people in love will try to change themselves according to each other’s imagination, so the two people in love will be “perfect” in the eyes of each other, so they will have the courage to go hand in hand to the red carpet.

  With the morning and evening twilight, then there is dull, with boring taste, with Cao Cao eating chicken ribs.

  A girlfriend regrets her husband being tender and considerate to her before marriage. When she sees the beautiful MM, she can’t move. Her husband lays on the sofa and only treats her with one sentence: “I’m the real me after getting married.

“For the time being, the mentality is peaceful.

  Actually pondering, why isn’t a married woman the most real woman?

  When talking about her husband and lover with a girlfriend who paid over 10,000 a month, she said to me: “I am either instinctual or a woman who is not faithful to a man or a marriage.

However, I must also admit that I am firmly convinced that: detaining a person in a marriage, letting their eyes stare at each other for a lifetime, no one wants to look at each other ‘s face, hear each other ‘s voice, or even fightAll feel boring.

At this time, marriage is a horrible and cruel thing.

  However, we can’t just change again and again because of aesthetic fatigue. Finding a lover is not something everyone can do by hand.

After all, marriage is not a child’s play, what should we do?

  Smart people run their own marriage.

  Colleague Ding Yu and her husband have been married for seven years. This coincides with the “seven-year itch” in the book, but they are like first love.

When I was about to get off work that day, a young guy from the etiquette company sent a bunch of fiery roses with a small card on it: “Wife, till today, we greet the legendary seven-year itch all day, 2500We walked hand in hand for many days, and you gave me your beautiful youth, and I had to give you my cheap life.

Whether you like it or not, I am sticking to you.

Love you, wife!

“Some touched, the urge to cry.

  A bunch of flowers is not worth much money. A simple phrase I love you can not be said with much effort, but how many couples can do it for a man and a woman who have been struggling in the marsh of marriage for a long time?

  Don’t because he is your closest and intimate person, you can hurt him unscrupulously; don’t stop telling those loved ones in the first love because he has gone too long on the road to love.

  Don’t let the love that once glorified your youth re-radiate a dazzling light because the beauty is getting away.

  When you refuse marriage again and make you tired, take more time to manage your love.

Do your best to make it better. Even a small copy will stay, and you will be surprised to find out how much you loved each other.

  Today, I said to you, my lover, I love you.

Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow, please send me a rose!

Spring health food, these 10 kinds do not miss

Spring health food, these 10 kinds do not miss

Spring has come to us unconsciously. The year is spring, and the body needs to be recognized from the spring.

Correct eating habits can prevent diseases and prolong life.

Let’s share with you the next spring health food!

  1, spring bamboo shoots to say that spring health food must be indispensable for spring bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots crisp and refreshing, but “vegetarian first product.”

Appropriate amount of spring bamboo shoots can lead to blood and nourishing yin, phlegm and digestion, and facilitate eyesight.

At the same time, it has certain auxiliary effects on hypertension and coronary heart disease as well as obesity, intestinal cancer and hemorrhoids.

  2, bean sprouts spring is the spring bud germination season, so the plants in spring will give out tender green teeth.

There are many kinds of spring buds that can be eaten daily. Sometimes bean sprouts, garlic sprouts, bean sprouts and lettuce have a divergent effect, which has the functions of dampness and yang.

When you are frying bean sprouts, you don’t need to add meat, so as not to increase the long-term burden.

  3, radish For the North, radish is the most distinctive food, radish can be sliced or shredded, or used to make stuffing and other eating methods are very good.

At the same time, eating radish in spring can carry out the role of solving the problem of spring sleep, and the degree of strengthening women’s fertility has a certain effect.

You can use the radish stew for daily use.

  4, jujube Chinese medicine believes that the principle of spring diet is “more sweet and less acid”, while jujube is sweet and medium-quality food, red dates are warm and sweet.

Has a very good beauty and beauty, spleen and Qi and nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, especially for women, it is recommended to eat more, can be used for making tea or soup.

  5, amaranth spring wild vegetables, leek is the most dazzling kind, and many wild vegetables in the spring are delicious.

It is because the amaranth has a high nutritional value, contains vitamin C and various minerals and carotene, which can help treat symptoms such as dysentery, colds and gastroenteritis.

  6, leeks and leeks are also known as the sungrass, the warmth of leeks has the effect of tonifying the kidney and yang, and the temperature difference in the spring varies greatly, does not hinder eating more leeks, can help the yin and dispel the cold, and is more prone to the liver in the body.People who eat more leeks can enhance the spleen and stomach and help the liver.

  7, spinach spring health to eat what is good?

Spinach must be indispensable. Spinach is one of the vegetables with the most iron content in vegetables. In the spring, eating more vegetables can nourish yin and moisten.

Nourishing blood and soothing the liver, while spinach is very helpful for people with iron deficiency anemia, whether it is used for porridge or directly fried.

  8, onion ginger garlic spring cold and windy, rainy season is heavy, so the spring diet should also be based on Xin Wen food.

Eat a little bit of onion ginger and garlic on a daily basis, which can not only taste but also add medicinal value, can increase appetite, sterilize and prevent disease and help yang.

At the same time, it can prevent high-risk respiratory infections in spring.

  9, honey honey is a beauty and beauty food that is suitable for eating all year round. Every day, a cup of honey water has the functions of moistening lungs and detoxifying and detoxifying and nourishing the skin. It is very helpful for improving skin dryness and enhancing human immunity. It is ideal for spring health.Tonic.

  10, cherry spring is the cherry season, the color of the cherry is very rosy and eye-catching, the taste is also sweet and sour, and its nutritional value is rich, the spring can often be used to refresh the spring trap, and has very good iron and nourishing blood.Beauty anti-aging effect.

Toothache massage can also cure

Toothache massage can also cure

Toothache refers to tooth pain caused by various reasons. It is one of the common symptoms in oral diseases. It can be found in caries, pulpitis, periapical inflammation, and dentin allergy in western medicine.

In the case of cold, hot, sour, sweet and other stimuli, toothache attacks or aggravates. It belongs to the “tooth declaration” and “bone groove wind” of traditional Chinese medicine.

Now I will introduce to you massage therapy for toothache.


Preparing seated or standing position, with the whole body relaxed, eyes closed and slightly closed, breathing uniformity, resting 1?
2 minutes.


Fingers point to Hegu acupoint with your thumb, press on the opposite side of Hegu acupoint, and place the palms on the other four fingers.

Appropriate pressure from 0 to light.


l minute.

  Efficacy: Shufengjie table, active analgesia.


Press and knead Xiaguan point with the middle or index finger of both hands, place it on Xiaguan point on the same side, and press 0 with appropriate force.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, antispasmodic and analgesic.


Insert the jaw with the thumbs of both hands and place it in the jaw of the ipsilateral side. With proper force, insert it from light to heavy.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Decompress and relieve pain, promote blood circulation and swelling.


According to rubbing the Fengchi acupoint, place the two fingers on the ipsilateral Fengchi acupoint with the thumb tips of both hands, and attach the remaining four fingers above the head.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Qufengsanhan, refreshing.


Fingertips Shaohai Point Put the tip of your thumb on the opposite side of Shaohai Point and press 0 appropriately.

5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: Qufengsanhan, Tongluo pain.


Rub the Yangxi acupoint with your thumb and place it on the opposite Yangxi acupoint, pressing 0 appropriately.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Tongpixie fever, clearing away heat and pain.


Toothache points are placed on the contralateral toothache points with the thumb and fingertips.
5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: Huoxue analgesic, Tongluo Jiebi.


Rub the cheeks with the palms of your hands, place them on the chest on the same side, and press 0 appropriately.

5?For 1 minute, it is better to warm the cheeks.

  Efficacy: Huoluo scattered cold, slowing spasm and pain.

Push forward the acupoints with the thumb and abdomen on the contralateral row acupoints, and push 0 up and down appropriately.

5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: swelling and pain relief, pass through the meridian.

  Self-massage can be operated during pain.

During facial massage, the force can gradually increase until there is a feeling of soreness and channeling to the pain. It is best to massage the affected side.

Body massage can take bilateral points.

You should also pay attention to oral hygiene.

Spring health is important to keep warm and prevent disease

Spring health is important to keep warm and prevent disease

After experiencing the excess of winter diet, the fatigue and irregularity of daily life, when spring comes, we will act quickly, consolidate the physiology, reserve energy for the new year, and cope with the challenge.

Health can be expected throughout the year.

  First, the law of living in the spring when the skin stretches, the blood supply to the peripheral end increases, the secretion of sweat glands also increases, the load of various organs of the body increases, while the central nervous system has a calming, hypnotic effect, and the limbs feel sleepy.

At this time, don’t be tempted to sleep late, because it is not conducive to the rise of yang.

In order to adapt to this climate change, you should go to bed early and get up early in the living, often go to the woods, tree-lined paths, walk in the woods, and integrate with nature.

  The climate in spring is changeable. When the weather is cold and warm, the skin of the human body is loose and the resistance to the outside world is weakened. Therefore, when the spring arrives, don’t take off the thick clothes at once, especially the elderly and the weak.

  Second, the diet of the human body in the spring of spring metabolism began to flourish, diet should use Xin, Gan, lukewarm products.

  Avoid eating greasy and cold foods in the spring diet, and eat more vitamin B foods and fresh vegetables.

Modern medical research believes that overdose, vitamin B in the body is one of the causes of spring trouble.

  When spring is the beginning of the liver, eating more acidic foods will increase the liver fire and cause damage to the spleen and stomach.

Should eat more sweet and flat, and contain protein, sugar, vitamins and minerals such as lean meat, eggs, milk, honey, soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

  Third, after the sports maintenance into the spring, it is necessary to adapt to the characteristics of yang swell, strengthen exercise, you can go to the air in the fresh nature to run, punch, exercise, walk, play, fly a kite, let the body spit out new, so that the bones getStretching, laying a good foundation for one year of work and study.

Practice has proved that people who often participate in exercise in the spring have strong disease resistance, quick thinking, not easy to fatigue, and high efficiency.

  Fourth, the spiritual activities of the spiritual people must conform to the changes in the climate.

When the human body is most affected by the season, it is during the season change, especially at the turn of winter and spring.

Some people are unable to adapt to changes in the spring climate and are prone to mental illness.

Modern medical research shows that bad mood is easy to cause liver qi depression, so that the neuroendocrine system is dysfunctional, immune function is reduced, and it is easy to cause mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, infectious diseases.

Therefore, spring should pay attention to emotional health, maintain optimistic and cheerful emotions, so that the liver is smooth, leading to the role of disease prevention and health care.

  Yangchun March is the season of all things. At this time, it is necessary to force anger, not to be depressed. To be broad-minded and open-minded; to relax, to be comfortable and full of vitality.

  Fifth, the warm and disease-resistant spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer, the pathogenic bacteria and viruses are also rapidly multiplying, and infectious diseases such as influenza, measles, epidemic meningitis, scarlet fever, and pneumonia are most likely to occur.

“Spring, Autumn and Autumn” is the health care experience that conforms to the climate.

Because the climate change in spring is impermanent, it is hot and cold, and some people use cotton coats to “snap” a winter, the metabolism is weak, and the body temperature cannot be adjusted quickly.

If the dress is thin, it is easy to contract the disease and endanger the health if it is slightly negligent.

Middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure should pay attention to cold and warmth to prevent the occurrence of stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

  In addition, spring flowers are blooming, pollen is flying with the wind, and patients with allergic depression are the most likely to attack.

The first method of prevention is to adhere to physical exercise and improve the body’s ability to resist disease. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene, eliminate pests and diseases to eliminate the source of the disease, and keep the indoor air fresh and open the window.

How to recognize and relieve stress in the workplace

How to recognize and relieve stress in the workplace

1. Facing stress, do not escape stress.

Because everyone will be under pressure and will be “promoted to a position where they are not competent”; because it will accompany us through the entire life journey, we must face it bravely.

If we evade and give up as soon as we encounter stress, then not only is it not conducive to the elimination of stress, our colleagues must develop their own timidness, cowardice, and inferiority.

  2. Correct assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Many people have no confidence in themselves, mainly because they don’t see their own advantages, they always see their own shortcomings.

Of course, knowing yourself is a difficult process. Socrates’s famous saying-“know yourself” is still engraved on the stone monument in front of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, ancient Greece.

  3, there should be a benchmark for learning, abandon the psychology of comparison.

Everyone should compare with their past to see if their ability is improving and their thinking mode is improving, instead of comparing with the successful people every day.

Successful people cannot compare, because the success of others shows that his ability, thinking, quality, and possibility are already ahead of you, so what’s the point of your comparison?

Accompanying the comparison, it is better to use him as a benchmark for his own studies, to see what advantages others have, to learn and improve step by step.

This is called “benchmarking” management.

  4. Learn and improve.

Capability is not the only cause of stress, but it is an important one.

Therefore, we must develop the habit of self-study. Only by continuously learning and improving our ability and quality can we effectively relieve stress.

  5. Your “decompression”.

There are many ways to learn to release your own emotions, for example: drinking and drinking with a close friend, Kankan Mountain; gathering a few people for a day outing; watching an overnight movie (disc) alone on the weekend, etc., can release your emotions and relieve stress.
  In short, the pressure is definitely not less than the capacity.

I hope everyone will learn to “self-extract” and “go light” to create life and enjoy life.

Double-section diet eight disciplines

Double-section diet “eight disciplines”

Everyone has a good spirit, and this is not the case. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, every corner of the city has a pleasant atmosphere.
銆€銆€The moon in the sky, reunion in the world.
Tomorrow is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. This happy moment of reunion also brings you a small holiday. After the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, it will soon be the National Day holiday. Many people have begun to figure out how to use these two.For the holidays, let go of the busy work at hand and share the joy of family with your family.
What will you do this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day?
In any case, enjoy the joy of the festival.
銆€銆€Enjoy reunion For the busy busy wage earners, usually with parents and family members, the small holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival is undoubtedly a good time to go home and enjoy family fun.
銆€銆€Mid-Autumn Night, family members scattered around the country reunion, eat a reunion dinner made by a mother, and then taste the moon cake under the bright moonlight, the family often tells the family, how can these beautiful scenery not touch people’s hearts?
However, when you open your appetite and enjoy your mother’s cooking, don’t forget to pay attention to prevent fires during the festive dinner.
The red canned Wang Laoji herbal tea celebrates Geely, which not only caters to the Jiqing atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also prevents the fire. It is a good choice for the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion.
銆€銆€Traveling homes Choosing a place to relax is still a traditional option for people to spend their holidays.
“Participating in outdoor activities and physical exercise, and doing useful social activities can make the brain relax in exercise, adjust the mental state, and solve mental fatigue and psychological problems.
“Many people think so.
銆€銆€Although there are only 3 days in the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many attractions in Quanzhou to relax. A small old climbs Qingyuan Mountain, visits Kaiyuan Temple, or visits the West Lake and visits the can enjoy the fun of the family and enjoy it.Beautiful scenery, such a Mid-Autumn Festival holiday arrangement is favored by many people.
Of course, on National Day, maybe they will choose a longer trip.
銆€銆€Relaxation and rest For some citizens who usually work harder, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday are good opportunities to relax and relax at home. They are their first choice.
Although they chose to stay at home most of the time, they did not neglect to contact their relatives and friends.
They go online at home, communicate with friends through greeting cards, texting, etc., and they also log in to the travel website to browse the experiences and photos uploaded by netizens when they travel, and feel the joy of traveling without going out.
This is the happy holiday law of the family.
銆€銆€Of course, there are many ways to vacation in festive festivals.
But no matter which method you choose, you must be careful not to overwork, don’t overeating, remember to add water in time, especially those who choose to travel, must have enough drinks, like Wang Laoji herbal tea to quench your thirst, but also prevent it from getting angry.And heat stroke, is a good choice.
銆€銆€Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and then it is the National Day holiday. Friends and friends in the festival will always eat and drink. At this time, we must pay attention to it. We still don’t want to go in some food misunderstandings. Some good eating habits should continue to be maintained.These eight Mid-Autumn diet notes, I hope to help everyone avoid the holiday syndrome, and have a happy holiday.
銆€銆€路 Chewing slowly: eating too fast, food chewing is not enough, will make the secretion of the digestive juice insufficient, resulting in indigestion.
銆€銆€路 Timing Quantification: During the long holiday period, people often have irregular work schedules. They do not omit a meal, or concentrate on a certain meal or even overeating. This will increase the burden on the stomach.
銆€銆€路 Breakfast can’t be saved: There is plenty of time to sleep late during the long vacation, sometimes getting up late and even saving breakfast.
However, after a night of sleep, the human body is in an empty state for hours or even dozens of hours. If you do not eat, the gastric juice secreted at night lacks food neutralization, which may lead to stomach upset.
銆€銆€路 Maintain a happy mood: Stress and anxiety can cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, which is one of the main reasons for the weakening of gastric mucosal prevention mechanism.
When you dine, you need to relax and concentrate, avoid eating and having a meeting, or eating while eating.
銆€銆€路 Avoid eating before going to bed: sleeping and eating will increase the burden on the stomach, and it can also make certain symptoms worse. Try not to eat within 3 hours before going to bed.
銆€銆€路 Take a proper rest after a meal: Avoid working or strenuous exercise immediately after meals, but don’t lie down, sleep or lie on the sofa watching TV.
銆€銆€路 Control alcohol and tobacco: Alcoholic beverages will reduce the resistance of the gastric mucosa and cause gastritis. If you are not drinking, you should avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
Smoking can stimulate gastric acid secretion and even affect ulcer healing.
銆€銆€路 Sufficient sleep: adequate sleep and proper exercise help to relieve stress, ease mood, and reduce the chance of recurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.

Simple and effective method of treating traditional Chinese medicine

Simple and effective method of treating traditional Chinese medicine

Main performance 1.

Symptoms ① There are many strains, history of cold or sprain.

Sudden onset of illness, often in the morning after waking up acute attacks, but also suddenly onset after twisting sprains, mild symptoms occur after 12 hours.

  ② After the injury, the headache muscles are tense and stiff, sore and painful, and the pain can be radiated to the shoulders, upper limbs and head.

  ③ A forced torticollis-like posture was applied, the patient’s head was tilted toward the affected side, and the lower jaw turned to the healthy side.


Examination ① Coefficient flexion and extension, rotation activity shift, rotation to the affected side is particularly obvious.

  ② Palpation examination showed retinal muscle tension was stiff.

There was marked tenderness at the posterior edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscle at the affected side, at the trapezius, and at the inner upper corner of the scapula.

  ③ X-ray plain radiographs were taken to exclude fractures, dislocations and cervical spondylosis.

  Treatment method 1.

Manual treatment ① rub the shoulder well with the thumb, shoulder in the shoulder, etc., taking acid swelling as the degree, and at the same time make the patient slowly turn the neck to relax the muscles.

  ② Knead the neck and the affected shoulder with a small amount of kneading method, or pluck the tense muscles. The focus is on the tender points, which will gradually relax the muscles.

  ③ gǔn neck and shoulder and back muscles to further relieve muscle spasm.

  ④ In the process of kneading, plucking, g 动 n movement, properly cooperate with several passive activities such as alternate flexion and extension, lateral flexion and left-right rotation to improve the function.

Rotating activities can be carried out in a state of pulling and stretching the neck with both hands, and slowly rotate the head and neck 10 times to move the cervical facet joints.

  ⑤ The cervical deflection method is suitable for those with obvious paravertebral tenderness and deviated spinous process, with staggered cervical facet joints.


Decoction tincture of Huoshengsheng wet soup.

Live 9 grams, 9 grams alone, 6 grams transcript, 6 grams windproof, 6 grams licorice, 9 grams chuanxiong, 6 grams vitex, 9 grams pueraria root, 9 grams cinnamon, 9 grams windproof.

Take 1 dose daily in 2 warm doses and 3 doses in a row.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Qi Li Capsules, 0 each time.

5-1 grams, 2 daily?
3 times.

Sanqi scars, 3-6 tablets each time, 3 times a day.

Huoxuezhitong capsules, each time 0.

5 grams, 2 times a day.


Application therapy replaces 701 beating analgesic cream, Qizheng Xiaotong plaster, Musk Zhuanggu plaster, etc.


Cupping therapy flashes or leaves in the tail for 20 minutes.

Be careful not to get burns and blistering.

  Life care 1.

Generally, the pillow can be cured by 1-2 treatments.

However, some patients are actually attacked on the basis of acute long-term complications, such as suffering from long-term muscle strain or degenerative lesions of the cervical spine. The disease is induced under certain conditions. The disordered joints can only be reduced by treatment, but cannotSoft tissue congestion, edema, thickening and other inflammatory changes will continue to cause complications. It takes 2 weeks or even more than 1 month for treatment to rest.


The pull method is an effective method for treating trauma-type falling pillow, and it is only used when the cervical spinous process is skewed.

During operation, the force should be stable and sudden. It is better to hear a pop sound, but it must not be forced. It must be appropriate and not rough.Before the trigger method is performed, a clear diagnosis should be made to exclude diseases such as fractures, dislocations or tumors, so as not to cause additional injuries.


If the headache is severe and the person who can’t turn can be corrected, first press the affected shoulder shoulder hole for 2-3 minutes, and prescribe the patient to slowly rotate the neck. When the pain is slightly reduced, then treat it.


Keep the neck warm and avoid wind and cold, so as not to affect the curative effect.


Should not sleep high pillows, pillows should be flexible, the height of the side lying position of the head and body can be straight.