Warm your hands with a cup of hot coffee


Warm your hands with a cup of hot coffee

American scientists say that warming your hands with a cup of hot coffee can change your perception of the world around you.

銆€銆€Researchers wrote in Nature that warming their hands can lead to a warmer and more generous view of the world, and cold hands often lead to a lack of trust in others and an unwillingness to give.

銆€銆€In order to assess the warmth of the body, we have no difference in judging a person’s personality. The researchers asked the volunteers to hold warm cups or cold drinks in both hands and then let them rate the character of others.

銆€銆€They found that those who hold warm cups are more generous in their judgments, while those who hold cold drinks are more demanding.

銆€銆€In the second study, the researchers found that those holding warm cups were more willing to give someone a gift.

銆€銆€The research team said that describing a person’s treatment of whether others are as warm as spring or as ruthless as autumn leaves, often need to consider the feelings and experiences of this person as a child.

銆€銆€Scientists say the link between touch and trust may be closely related to the part of the brain in our brain.

When we touch something hot or cold, this part of the brain begins to become active.

But again, if anyone destroys your trust, it will have the same effect.

銆€銆€Dr. Barg, a professor of psychology at Yale University, is a co-author of this article.

He said that some people may have used the connection between physical warmth and emotional warmth.

銆€銆€Researchers say their experiments may have an impact on marketing because it shows how close the body is to the body.

Fishing and health alleviation


Fishing and health alleviation

Fishing is a recreational activity that cultivates sentiment, stretches emotions, has fun, and is good for the body.

銆€銆€First of all, most of the places suitable for fishing are in the suburbs. On the waterside, the air is fresh and abnormal. The negative ion content is much higher than that of the city. It makes people feel relaxed and happy. It is good for the metabolism of the human body and can calm, hypnotize and reduce blood pressure.Reduce the effects of fatigue.

Besides, often go to the suburbs to go, this is already a kind of exercise itself; secondly, when fishing, pay attention to the static movement, the movement is static, dynamic and static.

The silence mentioned here includes the calmness of the angler’s mood and the tranquility of the external environment. Heaven and man are united, calm and calm, and recognized as endless.

When fishing, the angler’s attention must be highly concentrated, full of attention, no thoughts, no ears, no eyes, no brains, and God’s focus on the ups and downs of the water surface.

At this time, most of the cranial nerves are fully rested, and they enter the highly relaxed and quiet state required for practicing qigong, so that the body can get deep exercise, manipulate the nerves, eliminate fatigue, and supplement the vitality.

But it is not a meditation. Once the fish bites, it is necessary to raise the fishing rod, catch the fish, change the bait, and move the body with flexibility and flexibility.

銆€銆€On the weekend, let us go out of the fighting room, leave the high-rise, away from the noise and dust of the city, into the embrace of nature, find a field and countryside, bathe in the sun under the pool, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the natural beauty, enjoy fishing.Bringing the infinite benefits of physiology.

Do you often listen to songs on the subway?


Serious harm

Do you often listen to songs on the subway?
Serious harm

Introduction: The wonderful music is refreshing and refreshing, and the songs are also a favorite of people. Buses, subways, and streets are all indulging in headphones.

But Chinese medicine warns, do you often take the subway to listen to songs?

Serious harm!

銆€銆€Listening to songs has become a popular among young people, and you can always see fashion men and women who watch various headphones and listen to music.

But I don’t know, when we are immersed in the music world, our ears are turning to the severe “test”!

銆€銆€The most injured expert in the ear of the subway listening to the ear of the song warned that in the subway, bus environment, the size is not determined by hearing but by noise.

Especially in the subway, it is a relatively closed environment. The recombination of the human ear produces a certain pressure, and then the earphones are pressed tightly in the ear, and the intensity of the sound constantly hits the eardrum, which will cause damage to the hair cells.

銆€銆€It is understood that when the volume heard by the human ear exceeds 85 decibels, the shortening of time can cause hearing fatigue; when the volume is above 110 decibels, the hair cells of the human ear will die.

The volume output of the headphones is generally around 84 decibels, and some high frequency ranges can reach 120 decibels.

The sound is too large, and each time you hear it will affect the auditory nerve, causing excitotoxicity, and the autonomic nerve function will be confused. Except for tinnitus, severe symptoms such as anorexia and insomnia will be caused.

Among all the noise, pulsed noise, like the sound coming out of MP3, has the greatest damage to hearing.

銆€銆€The most used inner ear earphones now increase the risk of hearing damage. Once you exceed 80% of the maximum volume, the time to listen to music should be changed to within 90 minutes.

Studies have also shown that for the listener, the inner ear and in-ear headphones have a higher volume than the ear pad.

5 decibels.

銆€銆€In addition, experts also pointed out that the process of hearing impairment is generally silent, and gradually promoted. In a short period of time, the general damage may not affect the communication with others for a while, so it is difficult to cause some people to be vigilant, but againFor a few years, people who like to use headphones will prematurely enter the hearing loss population, with a pair of premature aging ears.

銆€銆€Studies have also shown that people’s hearing is very delicate.

Once the hair cells that feel the sound on the cochlea are destroyed, the language recognition will be reduced. Then, when others are talking, they can’t understand what to say.

It is such an important cell, the number of which has been fixed at the time of birth, and one less injury is irreversible.

At present, the incidence of sudden deafness in urban white-collar workers is very high, and most of them are caused by excessive use of headphones.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that people who often wear headphones to listen to music should master a ’60-60 principle’, which is also an internationally recognized method of protecting hearing.

That is, when listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes.

It is healthier to use the ear in such a situation.

In addition, listen to music in a quiet environment and try to avoid some embarrassing places.

銆€銆€It can be seen that although listening to songs on the subway can enjoy music and dispel time, it can seriously damage the ears.

Do you often listen to songs on the subway?
Seriously harms you.

Leisure Health, Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea


Leisure Health, Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea

First, the Chaoshan Kung Fu tea name is actually the Kung Fu Chaojia Kungfu tea that is the Chaoshan tea ceremony. It is one of the ancient tea cultures in the West. According to the test, the tea culture in the Tang Dynasty was very perfect. People in the coastal area liked drinking tea very much.It is the best etiquette and perfection for tea as a hospitality. This is not only because tea has a health-care function in many respects, but since ancient times, tea has the artistic conception of 鈥渨aiting for a gentleman and clearing the body鈥?

銆€銆€The so-called kungfu tea is not the name of a tea or tea.

It is a technique of making tea.

The reason why it is called Kung Fu tea is because this way of making tea is extremely particular.

It takes a certain amount of effort to operate. This is the skill of reorganizing the bubble and the effort of drinking.

Kungfu tea originated in the Song Dynasty. It is the most popular in the Chaozhou Prefecture of Guangdong Province (now the Chaoshan area) and the Zhangzhou of Fujian Province. It is the inheritance and deep development of tea art since the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Su Shi has a poem: “The tea in the middle of the world is high, and the tea is not known.”

“Kungfufu tea is one of the most famous customs in the Chaoshan area. In Chaoshan, every household has Kung Fu tea sets, and must drink a few rounds every day.

Even if the Chaoshan people who live in foreign countries or immigrate overseas, they still maintain the custom of kungfu tea.

It can be said that there is a shadow of kung fu tea in places where there are Chaoshan people.

銆€銆€Kung Fu tea is known for its high concentration. It seems to be a bitter for the first time. After eating, it is suspected that other teas are not enough.

Kung Fu tea uses oolong tea, such as Tieguanyin, Narcissus and Phoenix Tea.

Oolong tea is between red and green tea. It is a semi-fermented tea. Only this kind of tea can rush out the color and fragrance required by Kung Fu tea.

Phoenix tea is produced in the Fenghuang Mountain area of Chaozhou. The color of the tea is slightly brown, the tea leaves are tight, the leaves are thick and very resistant to brewing. Generally, it can be washed about 20 times.

Phoenix Single Cong Tea is the most famous, with the flavor of sweet-scented osmanthus, jasmine and honey. It won the crown at the National Famous Tea Awards of Fuzhou Antiques.

銆€銆€The tea set of Kung Fu Tea, including the stove, is a red charcoal stove, generally one foot and two inches high. The tea pot is made of fine white mud. The boiler is two inches high. The bottom is as big as a bowl. The single handle is nearly three inches long.As large as a red persimmon, it is a clay pottery pot from Chaozhou. The cup is as small as a walnut, but it is a porcelain product with a very thin wall.

銆€銆€There is a very cumbersome procedure for Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea.

According to the process, it is the ruler, the tea, the soup, the tea, the scraping, the cans, the hot cup, the tea and so on.

銆€銆€Fixtures include: firing, bonfire, hurricane ignition furnace, sanitary ware, waiting for water, and pouring cups.

“When the water”, “leaf cup” is the sound of the water in the sand pot after a while, the sound suddenly becomes small (that is, “fish eye water” will become), that is, the sand pot will be lifted, the drip cup will be drenchedThen put the sand pot on the stove, and then start the tea: open the tea leaves, pour it on a piece of white paper, separate the thickness, place the thickest one on the bottom of the tank and the nozzle, and then place the fine in the middle layer.Put the coarse leaves on top again.

Because the finest is the strongest, more tea tastes are easy to suffer, and it is easy to plug the spout.

When the thickness is set separately, the brown color can be made uniform and the tea taste gradually exerts.

The amount of tea needs to be appropriate. Each tea is about the teapot. It is enough to put 70% tea.

If it is too much, not only the tea that is brewed is too thick, but the taste is bitter, and the good tea is mostly the bud shoot. If it is stretched with boiling water, it will become very big, and even the water will not go in.

But too little can’t make a taste.

銆€銆€”Tea said” cloud: “The soup maker’s life, see it boiling like a fish, slightly sound, is a boil.

The rim of the rim is like a rim, it is a second boiling.

Tengbo is a three-boiling.

A boiling too childish, that is, the baby is boiling; the three boiling too old, that is, the hundred life boiling; if the water surface floating beads, if the sound is loose, it is for the second boiling, just right.

“At this time, it is just mentioning tea.”

Uncover the teapot cover and rush the soup along the side of the pot.

Do not go straight to the pot heart, otherwise it means breaking through the “tea gallbladder”, making the tea taste bitter.

The pot should be high when rushing.

It is called “high rush and low squat”.

The high flush makes the boiling water forcefully hit the tea leaves, so that the aroma of the tea is volatilized, and the tannins in the tea are too late to evaporate. This tea has no bitterness.

The flushing must be full, so that the tea leaves float, then lift the lid of the pot, gently scrape the tea foam from the mouth of the pot, then cover the lid of the pot, and then pour it on the pot with boiling water, which is called 鈥渓eaching tank鈥?

The drip tank has three functions: one is to make the hot gas inside and outside the attack, and the tea fragrance is quickly evaporated; the second is to stop for a while, the body of the tank is completely dry, that is, the tea is hot; the third is to wash the tea foam outside the pot.

After pouring the can, pour the cup with boiling water. The purpose is to make the cup hot too. Don’t let the hot tea rush on the cold cup and affect the fragrance.銆€銆€Tea has four characters: low, fast, even, and exhausted.

Tea can not be cut high, high and slow fragrance is lost, the foam is four, and the guests are not respected; “fast” is to make the fragrance not lost, and keep the heat; “even” is to keep multiple teas evenly carrying tea, this is called “Guan Gong patrols the city, Han Xin points to the soldiers. You can’t take a cup to pick up another cup. Only in this way can you make the color of a few cups of tea even to show the same respect to the guests in the seat; “do it” is not to let the remaining water stay in the pot.in.
Because as long as there is no water, the tannins will not dissolve, and the tea will not bitter.

銆€銆€After the tea is washed out, it is generally the tea brewer who does not drink first, please the guests or other people present.

If there are three defects in the plate, then which one to take first is also very particular.

Generally, the first gesture is taken first, and the last talent is taken in the middle.

If it is not indiscriminate, before the samovars are left, the first one will be taken. It will not only be considered disrespectful to the owner, but also disrespectful to others.

At the same time, after you have had a drink, you usually have to let everyone in the room have a drink before you drink the second round.

If you have a distinguished guest, you have to remove the tea and re-do tea.

銆€銆€Second, the traditional tea culture is busy and has a long history. The Chinese tea culture is prevalent in the Tang Dynasty, while the Chaoshan Kungfu tea is popular in the Song Dynasty. The aristocratic tea is derived from the Chaoshan Kungfu tea, which has a thousand years of history.

Tea has long been an indispensable part of the life of Chaoshan people.

There is a shadow of kung fu tea in a place with Chaoshan people!

Chaoshan people love to drink tea, it can be said that the degree of “tea-seeking” is reached. The ancients said that Tianguang opened seven things: Chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, while some “old tea customers” in Chaoshan, but the ancients as the lastThe tea was promoted to the first place, and the first thing to get up early every morning was to drink tea.

They are not afraid of the saying “the morning fasting tea, thieves into the home”, and persevere, calm.

In addition, the Chaoshan people call the tea “tea rice”, Chaozhou people like tea, life and tea and rice are inseparable.

Tea is this Jumi, so it is called “tea rice.”

Although this statement is a bit reluctant, it is quite interesting to describe the image of the “tea-seeking”.

This shows that Chaoshan people have a soft spot for tea.

銆€銆€Third, the high-level health culture inherits the essence of high tea can make up the virtual and positive, Yiqi Runfei, refreshing Yizhi, beauty and rejuvenation.

This is by no means “Huang Po sells melons, sells and boasts”, nor because “the moon is the hometown of Ming.”

銆€銆€In 1660, the British people’s tea advertisements had “this stimulant, which can drive tiredness, in addition to nightmares, so that the limbs are light and full of spirits, especially to overcome sleep, good scholars can study hard all night.

If you are obese or have too much meat, it is especially good to drink tea.

“But one of the most important benefits of this advertisement is that tea can live longer.

When Tang Xuanzong, there was a monk who lived to 130 years old.

Tang Xuanzong went to visit and asked the people to take what medicine to restore such a long life.

The monk replied: “I never know the taste of medicine, just prefer to drink tea.

“Tang Xuanzong ordered the accompanying minister to give the monk 50 pounds of tea.

銆€銆€Tea is not a tea, you can also use the cultural heritage of tea to add a touch of charm to yourself, dilute the troubles of life with the fragrance of tea, relax the tight nerves, and enrich your emotions.

Su Shi has a poem: “The tea in the middle of the world is a matter of the world.

“This shows the efficacy of tea.

As a song to the wine, lyrical about tea.

銆€銆€Therefore, friends get together, meet each other, and may wish to participate in tea.

Of course, we must also taste the culture and customs that are incorporated into the tea. If it is true, it is only after the taste of tea that we have the sentiment of culture.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Dizziness with a bed, back pain?

This matter is related to the posture!

Dizziness with a bed, back pain?

This matter is related to the posture!

The weather turned cold, many people began to fall in love with the warm bed, waking up beautifully and found that they often dizzy chest tightness, back pain, neck hard . this thing, really and posture can not get rid of it!

Wrong posture 1, blindfolded head: lack of oxygen!

How comfortable it is to sleep on the head, the quilt can hear the noise, people quickly fall asleep, and the heat from the nose is warm, especially warm!

It’s just comfortable to fly, isn’t it?

However, “hibernation” can be harmful to the body.

Covering your head when you sleep will make your nose and mouth in an environment where air is not circulating. There is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. Sleeping in this environment makes oxygen deficiency a common occurrence.

Some people think that sleeping on their heads can sleep more deeply. In fact, it is very likely that they are lack of oxygen.

And after waking up, people who are blindfolded often feel dizzy, chesty, boring, and lack of energy. It seems that they don’t sleep enough. This is the 鈥渟equel鈥?caused by lack of oxygen.

2, pick up and sleep: very hurt!

When you are still a fetus, you are curled up in your mother’s womb, so it is a very natural and comfortable posture to curl up and sleep.

It sounds a bit reasonable, it’s a big mistake!



Get up and sleep, let the back muscles be in a state of tension. Over time, the neck and shoulder muscles may be tight, and even the soft tissue strain on the lower back may cause the neck to be stiff and the muscles sore.

3, sleepy: hurt the heart, the spine!

When I was asleep, I felt that the whole person was stuck in the bed, especially satisfied.

But this kind of sleep is probably the most sleepy way to hurt you.

When you are kneeling, the whole chest of the person has to bear a lot of pressure, which may lead to chest tightness, chest pain, breathing disturbance, heart discomfort, etc. At the same time, when the head is asleep, the head will be biased forward, and the cervical vertebra will be easily oppressed.Causes a stiff neck; in addition, because the spine is not supported, wake up in the morning, people are easy to neck pain, back pain.

For women, sleeping on the breasts will affect the shape and blood circulation.

Good sleeping position: lying down + side lying people after sleeping, if only one position is maintained, while some muscles are resting, the other part will remain in tension.

In order to relax another part of the body muscles on duty, turning over is expected (normally, can people turn over 20 in one night?
45 times).

From the point of view of force, the pressure on the lumbar disc is three times flat when lying on the side, but this “force” is still much smaller than sitting.

Therefore, whether lying flat or lying on the side, it is a good sleeping position that does not harm the spine.

Perfect package: The right pillow wants to relax the cervical spine and sleep all night, you need a suitable pillow!

1, see the height of the high and low pillows and everyone’s fat and thin, the width of the shoulders, the length of the neck are related, to choose the individual physiological curve and physiological needs, so there is no uniform standard.

A thin person can have a slightly lower pillow, while a person with a shoulder-wide body can be slightly taller.

Like some health pillows on the market, there are four special heights that can be accommodated at different heights.

You can choose the most comfortable height according to your personal feelings.

2, look at the pillow core directly related to the softness of the pillow, it is best to fill with thin particles.

Because the granular filler can be well molded, the back of the head can press a pit when sleeping, and the corresponding alignment portion can just lift the forward convex alignment.

Another requirement for the pillow core is a certain amount of water absorption, which absorbs sweat and keeps the insertion dry.

For example, you can choose some of the pillows of the slow-recovering space memory cotton. The venting holes are distributed in a matrix shape, which is breathable and comfortable, and also maintains the support of the pillow.

Do you have to remember the health time points that are easily overlooked?


Do you have to remember the health time points that are easily overlooked?

In life, some seemingly inconspicuous things actually contain health principles.

The following small series will introduce some common sense, I hope to have a certain guiding role for your health care.


The best sleep time is to stay in the evening for about 7 hours, and the lunch break is about half an hour, not more than 1 hour.

Older people can be longer in sleep time.

The best deep sleep time is from 12pm to 3am.

In order to be able to enter deep sleep at this stage, I will go to bed at around 10:30 in the evening.

Get up early in the fall and get up early.

In winter, get up early and get up late to meet the changes in the four seasons.


In the golden season of the sun, the autumn and winter seasons, from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning and from 2 to 5 in the afternoon, is the best time to sunbathe. At this time, the ultraviolet A-ray is strong, which can promote the absorption of calcium by the human body.Make the bones stronger.

According to the ancient people’s health knowledge, the back of the human body is positive, which is the place where the yang is concentrated, so it is necessary to take more exposure.

It is good for health to stick to the sun for about half an hour every day.

? The best ambient temperature ambient temperature is 20 掳 C?
Between 24 掳 C is the most comfortable temperature, physiological function is also in the best state.

? The window ventilation time between 2 pm and 4 pm is the best.

When you sleep at night, don’t close the window tightly. It is best to leave some air in the gap to let fresh air enter the room.

Misunderstandings caused by various obesity


Misunderstandings caused by various obesity

Too many girls love to eat for the slimness of their body, and even substitute for fruit.

When the first vacation is about to come, the parents of Xiaopangdun will reverse the body shape of their children, while they will use fast food and snacks as rewards for their children.

銆€銆€Experts remind that obesity is a disease, weight loss is not arbitrary, and it cannot be sacrificed at the expense of health.

Out of the misunderstanding of weight loss, in order to reduce weight and health.

銆€銆€Xiaopengdun Misunderstanding: It is a problem for parents to have snacks and not to have sportsmen.

Adolescent obesity is intolerant because of the ageing of adult diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and mild liver, which are closely related to obesity.

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that except for genetic factors, most of the heights are caused by poor lifestyles, some diets are unreasonable, and outdoor activities are reduced.

銆€銆€Adolescents can’t lose weight by restricting their diet because they are in the growth stage, and the increase in body weight should match the growth of height.

Therefore, parents have the right to help children develop reasonable eating habits, not partial eclipse, eat high-quality protein, such as milk, seafood and vitamins, multi-fiber food.

Ensure that the nutrients are reasonable, moderately moderate, avoid eating too much high blood sugar, high fat, high carbohydrate foods, especially to “quit” the obese children’s favorite fast food, fried snacks and carbonated drinks.

銆€銆€Adolescent obesity generally does not advocate medication unless it is exacerbated by severe obesity and other causes.

Parents should also not talk about fat and fat in front of obese children, otherwise it may bring obstacles to children’s psychology.

銆€銆€The correct approach is to take more activities with children and encourage children to communicate more with people and society than to face books and screens every day.

Summer vacation is coming, you can arrange some physical activities for them, do some housework as much as you can. It is best not to take the elevator upstairs, do some fitness activities after dinner and after learning to correct, don’t let the children become 鈥渟ofa in the summer vacation鈥?”potato”.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding of love beauty: blindly seeking blindness and fast-seeking women are the most “sensitive” people to obesity. At present, various weight loss misunderstandings are most common among women.

Due to unfaithful weight loss methods, blind dieting or excessive exercise, anorexia, menstrual disorders, malnutrition and anemia, and other “complications” of weight loss occur from time to time.

銆€銆€Adults do not affect the weight of women, because adult tissues are important endocrine organs, which are responsible for secreting many essential hormones, such as leptin and adiponectin, which play an important role in the normal metabolism and reproduction of women.

The World Health Organization believes that the body mass index, or body weight, divided by the square of height (BMI, Kg / m2) is the criterion for judging eligibility.

Normal people’s ideal body mass index should be between 19 and 25, 25 to 28 for overweight, and greater than or equal to 28 for obesity.

Therefore, for those women whose body mass index is ideal, especially those who are already under 19, they do not need to lose weight blindly.

銆€銆€Experts and experts, for those women who really need to lose weight, it is also appropriate to “prescribe the right medicine” according to different situations.

First, pay attention to morbid obesity.

Hepatic liver, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, estrogen deficiency, and idiopathic edema are all manifested as obesity.

Therefore, if women have sudden increases in weight, irregular menstruation, etc., they should be treated promptly, and the primary disease causing obesity is found and actively treated.

Diet diet method you don’t know

Merchants are using a variety of means to let us eat more, and we understand that these means of business can help you control the amount of food more effectively.

Today Xiaobian tells you two eating techniques that may have been ignored by you, so that you no longer overeating and easily have a good body.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Don’t swipe your credit card and don’t swipe your credit card to eat, so you can not only save money, but also better control your eating.

  The Visa card company’s survey of tens of thousands of fast food companies abroad found that people who use a credit card to spend 30% more money than those who use cash to checkout, so you can eat more if you swipe to eat.Things, this may be one of the reasons why more and more fast food restaurants are allowed to use credit cards.

If you swipe your card, you might choose a larger serving instead of a medium or small serving.

For example, a woman who eats a card at a fast food restaurant once a week, she spends about 20 calories per week on average, and she will gain about 5 pounds a year.


Use blue light at home If you change your home lights to blue light, you can naturally suppress your appetite and reduce your food intake.

  A study published in the “Contract” magazine (a famous design magazine) said that those who ate in the blue room would eat 33% less than those who ate in the yellow and red rooms.

There are also medical experts abroad who say that blue light can make food look less attractive, while warm light, especially yellow light, can particularly promote appetite.

Fast food restaurants at home and abroad have used yellow lighting to decorate the store for many years, and every time you go, you may eat more because of them.

  In addition, if you change the window to blue, you can achieve a similar effect.