[How to make nut cakes]_Homemade methods of nut cakes_How to make nut cakes_How to make nut cakes

[How to make nut cakes]_Homemade methods of nut cakes_How to make nut cakes_How to make nut cakes

The sickness that comes out can’t be bought back.

If you understand this sentence, do you dare to eat everywhere?

Although there are conscience merchants, most are not.

So to save your life, you should go home and do it yourself.

Now, let me teach you how to make nut cakes.


12 Bake the walnuts, almond flakes and cashews in material A at 150 ° C for 10 minutes.


21 After cooling, add it to the cooking machine with the powdered sugar and stir into a powder.


After the unsalted butter is softened at room temperature, sugar powder and instant coffee powder are added separately and mixed with a rubber spatula.


Beat with an egg beater evenly.


Add whole eggs in portions and quickly beat with a blender to show a uniform creamy paste.


Sift in low-gluten flour and baking powder.


Then add the ingredients from Practice 1 and use a rubber spatula to stir in an irregular direction to form a uniform batter.


The batter is inlaid in a decorative bag with a flat mouth.


Preheat the oven, bake the upper layer, bake at 160 degrees for about 20 minutes, and simmer for 10 minutes after turning off.

The method of nut cake has been introduced in detail, and then you need to do it yourself.

And when you pay sweat and make a wonderful delicious, you must be very happy.

And if you often eat such fresh and healthy food, you will naturally become healthier.

[Practice of asparagus fried watermelon skin]_Homemade practice of asparagus fried watermelon skin_Practice of asparagus fried watermelon skin_How to do asparagus fried watermelon skin

This is a quirky quilt and a quilt, and it ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a hot pot. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good way to do it.╛ 鑺 ︾ 瑣 掣 掕 タ 鐡 毊 毊 pic 庝 实 锅?
鍚冨緢瀹规槗锛屽彧瑕佸紶寮€鍢村拃鍤煎氨鍙互浜嗐€備絾鏄妸椋熺墿鍋氬緱濂藉悆锛屽嵈寰堥毦锛岃嚦灏戠粷澶у鏁颁汉閮藉仛涓嶅埌銆備负浠€涔堜細鍑虹幇杩欐牱鎯呭喌鍛紵鍥犱负浠栦滑娌℃湁濂界殑鏂规硶銆傝€屼粖澶╋紝灏忕紪灏辨潵浼犳巿缁欏ぇ瀹跺叧浜庤姦绗嬬倰瑗跨摐鐨殑鍋氭硶濡欐嫑銆?.What’s the matter? Do you want to kill you?.灏嗚タ鐡滅毊娓呮礂涓€涓嬨€?.鏀惧湪妗堟澘涓婂垏鍘诲墿涓嬬殑鐡ゅ拰琛ㄧ毊銆佸垏鎴愮墖锛屽緟鐢ㄣ€?.灏嗚姦绗嬫竻娲椾竴涓嬨€?.Are you scared?.闅忓悗锛屽皢鍒囧ソ鐨勮姦绗嬩笅鍏ユ哺姘翠腑鐒紑锛屾崬鍑恒€?.鐑ч攨鍊掓补鐑х儹锛屼笅鍏ュ垏濂界殑瑗跨摐鐨炕鐐掔炕鐐掋€?.鎺ョ潃锛屽悎鍏ョ劘濂界殑鑺︾瑡缈荤倰涓€涓嬨€?.What are you talking about?0.鍔犻€傞噺鐨勯浮绮俱€?1.璋冨懗鐐掑寑锛屽嵆鎴愩€?2.鍑 洪 攨 瑯 洏 抆?鍒拌繖閲岋紝鍏充簬鑺︾瑡鐐掕タ鐡滅毊杩欓亾鑿滅殑鍋氭硶涔熷氨浠嬬粛瀹屼簡銆傞偅涔堟帴涓嬫潵闇€瑕佷綘鍋氱殑灏辨槸璧拌繘鍘ㄦ埧锛屾妸瀹冨彉鎴愮幇瀹炰簡銆?

Guanglianda (002410): Strategic Cooperation with Beijing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Starts New Journey of Digital Building

Guanglianda (002410): Strategic Cooperation with Beijing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Starts New Journey of Digital Building

Event: According to the company’s official website, Guanglianda officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Construction Engineering Group on July 4.

Join hands with Beijing Construction Engineering to start a new journey in digital construction.

Beijing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a domestic top-level construction general contracting super-class enterprise. As a representative of early-stage construction enterprises, its business covers 32 provinces and cities nationwide and 28 countries and regions around the world.

On both sides of the capital’s Chang’an Street, Beijing Construction Engineering has built 80% of the modern buildings represented by the Tiananmen Architectural Complex. In the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing Construction Engineering has built 29 venues and supporting projects.

Democratic Quanta has a deep history of cooperation with Beijing Construction Engineering. Guanglianda ‘s digital construction concept is fully compatible with Beijing Construction Engineering ‘s super high-rise and other complex building practices. Therefore, Beijing Construction Engineering is also a pioneer customer of Guanglian in construction.

In the application case, Guanglian’s “smart construction site + BIM construction” dual platform was successfully implemented in the Daxing International Airport project undertaken by Beijing Construction Engineering.

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement 无锡桑拿网 between the two parties will further start the new journey of digital transformation of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, and is committed to actively feedback and accelerate the sales and restructuring of construction business products of Guanglianda.

“Construction 3.

0 “new products are officially released, and comprehensive promotion is worth looking forward to.

At the annual China Digital Building Summit in Qingdao on June 28, Guanglianda released “Construction”.

0 “blockbuster new product-a digital project management (BIM + smart construction site) platform that provides one-stop services for the digital transformation of the construction industry.

Adhering to the concept of digital architecture, this platform opens up overlapping data. Based on a unified platform, it relies on four major technologies such as BIM, IOT, AI, and big data. It is compatible with N applications and open to customers and ecological partners.

Comprehensive perception and real-time interconnection of key elements such as the “human-machine-material loop” at the construction site, realizing digital, systematic, and intelligent construction project management, and accelerating the acceleration and drive of construction project management upgrades. The comprehensive promotion starting in the second half of the year is worth looking forward.
Investment suggestion: in the market dimension, from the cost of construction to ten times the space of construction, in terms of product form, from traditional packaged software to the “cloud” is our core logic of optimistic about the company.

It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2020 will be 0.

33 yuan and 0.

46 yuan, maintain “Buy-A” rating, 6-month target price of 40 yuan.

Risk warning: the progress of cost-to-cloud progress exceeds expectations; the promotion of new construction products is less than expected.

Shengyi Technology (600183) 2019 Annual Report Express: Strong Demand and Performance Expected to Resonate

Shengyi Technology (600183) 2019 Annual Report Express: Strong Demand and Performance Expected to Resonate

Brief comment on the performance The company announced the 2019 performance report, the announcement shows that the company’s revenue in 2019 is 132.

400 million, an increase of 10 in ten years.

5%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

6 ppm, a 45-year increase of 45.

7%, of which the net profit 合肥夜网after deduction is 14 after returning to the mother.

0 ppm, a 51-year increase of 51.

7%, combined with the performance of the first three quarters, Q4 single-quarter revenue and net profit attributable to mother 37.

700 million and 4.

2 ‰, increasing by 25 each year.

4% and 118.

4%, an increase of 7 from the previous month.

8% and 0.


In terms of profitability, the average net interest rate reached 11.

0%, an increase of 2 in ten years.

1pc, of which Q4 gross margin is 11.

0%, an increase of 4 a year.

7pct, down from the chain.

8 points.

Overall, the company’s performance showed a high growth trend, the profitability improved significantly, and the performance was in line with expectations.

Operating analysis demand was under pressure in the vacuum period, and improved management and control helped: from the perspective of the company’s single quarter growth rate, Q1 to Q4 net profit attributable to the mother increased 30% from the previous quarter.

96%, 52.

25%, 8.

93% and 0.

06%, of which Q1 and Q2 continued to grow at a high rate, because the 4G rebuilding and 5G test network construction in the first half of the year stimulated the demand for upstream components, and the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, entered the large-scale centralized mining preparation period, and the demand was accepted.Pressure.

However, the company guarantees its profitability through effective cost control, and its performance remains stable.

5G / data center strong demand and expansion effect resonance: 2020 is the key year for large-scale expansion of 5G, and integrated cloud computing-driven incremental server demand, so it is judged that 2020 copper clad laminates have a high degree of prosperity.

With the upward trend in demand, the company’s comprehensive release of high-frequency and new common copper clad laminate production capacity in 2020 will be the company’s growing value-added basis, and its performance growth is worth looking forward to.

Investment advice we predict 19?
The company’s net profit attributable to mothers will reach 14 in 21 years.

600 million, 18.

300 million, 22.

400 million, according to current expectations, the corresponding PE is 44 times, 35 times and 28杭州桑拿 times. Considering that the company has a good layout and the conversion of copper clad laminate business is scarce, we believe that the company can enjoy a certain premium and we maintain our target price of 36.

2 yuan, continue to give a “buy” rating.

Risks suggest that the downstream economy is worse than expected; increased competition leads to reduced competitiveness; and executives reduce risk of holdings.

Mental Diabetes Crossing the Red Light

Mental Diabetes Crossing the Red Light

From a psychological point of view, the occurrence of behavior is driven by power. For example, the driving force for crossing the road and running red lights is mainly time-saving and labor-saving-no need to go around circles and wait for green lights.

So, how to prevent this behavior from happening?

Theoretical analysis is nothing more than two aspects: one is to reduce the motivation of behavior, and the other is to increase the resistance of behavior.

  In the past, the policy of relevant departments has always been around “increasing behavioral constraints.” The most common method I call “frightening propaganda” is to focus on the dangers of crossing the road to pedestrians. To put it plainly, walking across the road mayThere was a car accident.

  I often see similar publicity in the community bulletin boards, accompanied by pictures of bloody car accidents.

The most extreme example is that during some years of traffic safety awareness week, the signs on both sides of a road in Shanghai were covered with photos of those accidents.

It’s just that these people may not have thought of another problem at all, these photos are actually “not suitable for children”, and it is not convenient for such a public exhibition at all.

  The results of it?

no effect.

Why is it not effective?

Because daily experience tells us that it is possible to accidentally cross the road, but the probability of accidents is very low.

Such a low probability is not enough to prevent the disorderly crossing of the road.

This is a fine, but for many reasons, the cost method cannot be implemented for a long time.

  Recently, there has been a new high-tech “frightening” new move. According to reports, Shanghai recently introduced an “automatic pedestrian monitoring and alarm system”. When pedestrians cross the road and cross a red light, the electronic display installed on the sidewalk will be displayed in two places.After three seconds, the screen of pedestrians breaking the red light is displayed, and a warning sound of “traffic police reminder, please abide by traffic regulations” is issued.

  This system has been tried out at the intersection of Jialin Road and Jingao Road in Pudong New District, and will be promoted to other regions of the country at an appropriate time.

What’s more, this system can use the face recognition technology to connect the screen shot by the monitor with the citizen ID management unit to run the network, and record the personal uncivilized behavior in the integrity file.

  It seems that the relevant departments will go dark on the “frightening” road.

  The question is, why can’t we do the opposite and use our brains in reducing the motivation to cross the road?

There is a retired old man in our building. I do n’t know if his own inspiration is emerging or he is experiencing inspiration from other cities. One day he wrote to the mayor and suggested that four parasols be set up at the intersection. Later, some intersections in Shanghai were indeedDid it.

The effect is amazing!

Especially on windy, rainy and hot days, many pedestrians are reluctant to stand below.

  There is another factor that I can’t bear as a pedestrian, and that is when the pedestrian light is green, and I can still exercise it.

This practice is a violation of the right of pedestrians because it means that they can be reversed at any time, and pedestrians cannot walk freely even when the pedestrian lights are green.

  In contrast to pedestrian ratios, pedestrians are inherently vulnerable groups. Therefore, we cannot blindly make a fuss about “scare people” when solving disorderly crossings.

If there is a “linking the road and personal integrity” link one day, I’m sure the first one to stand up against it will not change the role of promoting civilization and will only be counterproductive.

Seeing nails can also distinguish diseases

Seeing nails can also distinguish diseases

Nail refers to the hard horny surface of the extremity of the toenails, which is part of the skin. Diseases can cause the color of the deck to change, so it is a healthy mirror through which some hidden systemic diseases can be spied.

  Popular classroom nails are hard horns that extend from the end of the (phalanges) and are part of the skin.

It has the function of protecting the soft skin tissue beneath it, and can help the fingers feel the subtle sensations and complete some fine movements.

In modern society, having a complete and beautiful nails will increase people’s confidence and beauty during communication and contribute to the success of their careers.

Nails are also a healthy mirror, through which hidden systemic diseases can be detected.

  Yellow, blue, black and white doorway diseases can cause the color of the deck to change.

  White armor: When one or more white horizontal or vertical lines appear on the deck, consideration should be given to possible acute acute poisoning, niacin deficiency, and tuberculosis; etc. When the deck is partially or completely white, it may be related to nephritis, liver insufficiency, and potential metastasis.Tumor-related.

Finger (toenail) nails have 1-2 white or pale white horizontal stripes with a width of about 1-2 mm, often involving multiple decks at the same time. This is called Mees streaks, which is acute, poisonous and its compounds poisoning.Characteristic clinical manifestations.

It is usually seen after 40-60 days of acute poisoning, first appearing at the nail root, then gradually moving to the free edge of the nail with the growth of the nail, and disappearing after a few months.

  Yellow nails: The color of the nail plate turns yellow. In addition to local factors such as resorcinol and other drugs, the possible carotene metabolism disorder should be considered.

If the deck turns yellow and is accompanied by thickening, the curvature of the nail side increases, and the longitudinal and transverse diaphragms appear on the deck surface, suggesting the occurrence of yellow nail syndrome.

In addition to nail changes, patients with yellow nail syndrome are often accompanied by respiratory diseases, such as pleural effusion, bronchiectasis, emphysema, malignant tumors, nephrotic syndrome, and pneumocystis carinii.

Yellow nail syndrome is also seen in AIDS patients.

  Black nails: There are two cases. One is due to the increase in hemosiderin under the nails, which is yellowish black. Most of them are related to trauma, which can fade naturally with the growth of the nails. The first is that there is too much melanin under the nails, which is banded or full.A is gray and black, and some patients may have chronic lead poisoning, pigmented nevus or malignant melanoma, Addison’s disease, black acanthosis, and pigmentation-this phenomenon can also occur in patients with intestinal polyposis syndrome.

  Blue armor: The nail plate is blue.

Some drugs, such as apine, can cause the deck to turn blue after long-term use. It may also be a sign of silver deposits. In addition, degeneration of the hepatolenticular nucleus can also cause the color of the deck to turn blue.

  Brown nails: The nail plate is brown. It is common in soaking potassium permanganate solution, and there is a possibility of chronic mercury poisoning. Certain drug reactions (antimalarial drugs, phenols), and black echinoderma, Addison disease can also occur.
  For half armor: the deck is presented in two shades, the half on the deck is brown-red, and the proximal half is white, with clear boundaries.

It can appear during the period of nephropathy and uremia, and some energy will subside on its own.

  At the same time, the change in nail morphology is also a clinical sign of some diseases.

  Anti-Armor: Also known as spoon-shaped armor, it is named after the edge of the deck is sunken and the edge is raised like a spoon.

It suggests that the body has hypoxia, anemia, or suffers from hyperthyroidism, Sjogren’s syndrome, and so on.

Due to poor circulation of the fingertips, hypothyroidism in the nail bed tissue is caused, resulting in metabolic disorders.

  Toad-shaped armor: The deck is significantly enlarged, thickened and tilted towards the back of the nail, and is bow-shaped.

The club-shaped nails are often accompanied by club-shaped fingers (named because of the hypertrophy of the end of the fingers in the form of a drumstick).

Acanthosis is caused by a variety of causes, such as Raynaud’s disease, chronic lung diseases (such as tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, empyema, bronchial cancer, etc.), and hypertension. It can also be seen in liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism, and ulcerative colitis.Wait.
  Nail hypertrophy: The normal on the deck is obviously thickened without deformation, which is often seen in acromegaly.

  Giant armor: The nail plate is abnormally large. Complications of giant armor can occur in diseases such as acromegaly and syringomyelia.

  Nail atrophy: The deck is thin and small due to poor deck development.

It can be seen in syringomyelia, acral scleroderma, and congenital bullous epidermolysis.

  Brittle nails: The nail plate is more brittle, thin and brittle, often accompanied by longitudinal cracks and lamellar separation.

Visible in anemia, Raynaud’s disease, and vitamin A deficiency.

  The several types of osteoarthritis described above can be found in both systemic diseases and many other skin diseases.

Hyperthyroidism caused by systemic diseases leads to the lack of skin damage or clinical characteristics, which is not easy to attract the attention of patients, and the long mussels are misdiagnosed.

Therefore, when there is an unexplained thyroid disease, the cause should be carefully searched, and the doctor should be diagnosed and treated in time.

Easy DIY acupoint care at home

Easy DIY acupoint care at home

Acupoints, meridians are one of the classic traditional cultures, and many people with Chinese medicine complex and martial arts complex have a deep impression and good impression on it.

The human body has 340 acupoints, which are closely related to the nervous system. Acupressure has long been integrated into people’s lives.

Can be massaged more, know less about acupoints.

Today, self-health awareness is becoming more and more prominent. It is necessary to seek acupuncture points with experts, perform self-acupoint massage or provide family health care, and it is also the formation of good health habits.


hzh{display:none;}  从头至脚自我保健许多穴位是我们日常较为了解的,找到穴位并掌握简单的按摩手法,随时随地都可给身体带来放松或缓解一些病症。This period mainly chooses the corresponding acupuncture points from head to toe according to the specific physical response.

  Spleen and stomach, digestive function If your spleen and stomach are not good and you have poor digestion ability, you can massage acupoints: Zhongya, Zusanli.

  Look for it: the middle point-the midpoint between the two rib junctions and the navel junction.

Zusanli-Touch the outside of the calf from bottom to top, and touch the bump below the left aligned tibia.

From there, there is another bump slightly below the slope.

The two convex bones are connected by a line, and the line in turn makes a regular triangle downward.

The top of this regular triangle is exactly this point.

  Massage points: Zusanli-the muscles are relatively large, the massage intensity can be slightly greater, and it must penetrate into the acupoints.

In the middle of the thumb-step on the thumb and abdomen, press hard on the abdomen, the intensity can be slightly greater, but you can not use the nails.

  Constipation Often constipation, or poor stool can be massaged acupressure points: Tianshu, Zusanli.

  Look for it: Tianshu-located in the mid-abdomen of the human body, the navel to the left and right three fingers wide.

  Those with neck and shoulder discomfort, in addition to turning their heads often, can massage themselves or their family members.

  Massage points: wind pool.

  Look for it: in the back bone of the human body, under the back skull, in the two large tendon pits, which are equivalent to the earlobe.

  Eye fatigue reading or working time is shortened. In order to relieve visual fatigue, massage points can be alternately used: temples, eyesight points, four white points.

  Look for it: the temple-a more common acupuncture point, the right, the middle of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye point backwards to the depression.

(Picture B) Eye Ming point-In the eye area, the inner corner of the eye is recessed.

Sibai acupoint-when the eyes are looking up, the pupil is about 2 cm below the center of the pupil.

  Black eye circles: Black eye massage acupoints formed by staying up late due to overtime: temples, eyesight points, four white points, and zhuzhu points.

  Look for it: Qiongzhu Acupoint-the depression of the edge of the eyebrow area, there are two acupoints.

  Panic, motion sickness, panic due to fatigue, or poor heart, and those who often suffer from motion sickness can massage points: Neiguan.

  Look for it: Neiguan-it can improve the heart circulation, the palm is aligned with the horizontal stripes on the wrist, and the center is about three fingers wide.

  Massage points: If you have symptoms of palpitation, press for more than 10 minutes, keep your hands hard, and you can alternate between left and right hands.

If it is motion sickness, press it so as not to vomit.

For those who have headache and dizziness, they can massage acupoints: Temple and Fengchi.

  Out of women’s dysmenorrhea for women, lower abdominal pain is beneficial to blood circulation: Sanyin hang, Taichong.

  Look for it: Sanyin Strand-a common acupuncture point commonly used by women. The lower leg part of the human body allows the upper edge of the foot to be three fingers wide.

Taichong-located on the back of the foot, between the thumb and the second toe.

It is beneficial to relieve liver and qi, and solve the problems of irritability, poor sleep and stress.

  People with insomnia often suffer from insomnia or people with poor sleep quality. Other points: Taichong, Yintang, Zusanli, Hegu, Shenmen.

  Find it: Yintang-the midpoint of the line between the two brows.

Hegu-Open your thumb and index finger at a 45-degree angle at the intersection of the bone’s extended angle.Shenmen-The depression on the wrist and wrist stripes, at the junction of the wrist joint below the palm side and the wrist stripes.

  Weight loss For obese people, acupressure can also be used to promote metabolism in adults.

  For adiposity, you can choose acupoints: Tianshu, Zhongyao, Qihai, Guanyuan.

  Look for it: Qi Hai-located in the abdomen of the human body, 1 and a half inches below the navel, also known as Dantian.

Guan Yuan-The navel is 3 inches straight down and 4 horizontal fingers.

Tianshu, Zhongyi.

  Those with fat chest can massage acupoints: ring jump, Yinmen.

  Look for it: Yinmen-It is located above the buttocks and on the line of the knee sockets, about 2/5 of the buttocks. You can also wash this acupoint more when you take a bath to make the legs beautiful.

  Cold and Poor Immunity For patients with frequent colds and allergic rhinitis.

  Acupressure points: Yingxiang, Zusanli, Hegu.

  Look for it: Yingxiang-about a centimeter away from the nose, there are two acupoints.

Zusanli, Hegu.

  Massage points: In case of rhinitis, you can massage Yingxiang Point for quick relief.

In normal times, often pressing Zusanli and Hegu will improve the body’s immunity.

  Acupoints for breast health massage: milk root, Tianchi, Qimen.

Essential skin hydration in winter

Essential skin hydration in winter

The nature of the skin will change depending on the climate and season, which is affected by factors such as ultraviolet rays, temperature, humidity and so on.

The temperature and humidity in autumn and winter are relatively low, and the oily skin may turn into normal skin due to reduced oil secretion.

Normal skin will become dry skin, and peeling will occur.

In fact, there is a layer of natural acidic sebum film on the surface of the skin, which has the function of moisturizing the skin, reducing water loss and resisting external damage to the skin. The type of skin is to change the sebum film, that is, the balance between sebaceous gland secretion and moisture.

Therefore, before choosing autumn and winter skin care products, you should first understand what kind of skin properties you belong to at the time, and then take the right medicine.

  Characteristics of oily skin: often with shiny skin, large pores, acne and acne prone, oily scalp and scalp countermeasures: people with oily skin, strong oil secretion, in the days of the season, you should use as few oily products as possible, the thickness is freshEmulsions are more suitable.

Because products with high oil content will accelerate the secretion of oil from the skin, the condition of oily surface will appear at any time.

Control is to supplement the amount of skin surface contraction and promote sebum metabolism.

  Normal skin characteristics: The skin is soft and shiny, oil and moisture balance, fine lines rarely appear, and the skin is even and healthy. Countermeasure: Normal skin is the most convenient and easy to take care of in any season.

But don’t take it lightly, choose a small and fractional product.

Keep in mind that if you do not apply any moisturizing products because of your natural beauty, fragile skin can easily become difficult to get mixed skin or dehydrated skin.

  Autumn and winter skin care is very important for women. How to use more delicate care methods to meticulously care for their own appearance so that no matter where they are, they will welcome the envious eyes and smiles of appreciation.

Here are the skincare tips for autumn and winter from OLAY.

  Eye Area Care Details-Dark circles are no longer a real distress to destroy the “Panda Eye”.

Working pressure and unsuitable living environment can easily make the eyes dim.

Always make others feel like a drowsy and drowsy look, so only with eyes bright and charming, can they be attractive.

Quickly find special skin care products, so that dark circles will never damage the skin!

  Keywords of dark circles: Metabolism of pigmented light, slow metabolism of blood circulation, lifestyle habits, free radicals Dark circles are related to the pigments of the skin itself, the color of blood vessels in the blood vessels, and the direction of light projection.

With the increase of years, the skin’s metabolism slows down, and the microcirculation around the eyes can cause blood flow stasis, which makes the color of the orbital area appear dark.

In summary, there are five main points to form dark circles: excessive fatigue, insufficient rest, bad lifestyle habits such as tobacco and alcohol, excessive makeup causing pigmentation, ultraviolet rays and environmental pollution, and thinning of the eye skin caused by skin aging.

  T-shaped area care details-skin tightness, pores without traces T-shaped area care has been the focus of care, in addition to proper cleansing and oil control, anti-aging is the top priority, otherwise the T-shaped area will presentThe appearance of large pores affects the slightly delicate face.

Exquisite women shouldn’t ignore any details, but the original delicate skin has large pores in the most prominent facial center area. It is better to replace the best cream for the aging of the T zone to make it embarrassing.

  Key words for pores: age, oily, dry, youthful type: pore problems are mostly caused by excessive secretion, which causes sebum to accumulate into a semi-solid state, and begins to be oxidized, inflamed, and keratinized, causing coarseness.

  Aging type: When the age gradually increases, life stress, abnormal work and rest, dryness and other reasons, the skin’s metabolism begins to slow down. Once the old keratin can’t be metabolized normally, the cuticle moisture content decreases, the elastic fibers in the dermis layer, and collagen alsoFollowing the looseness, breakage, and deformation, which causes poor skin tension and elasticity, the hair follicles that have lost their skin support force begin to relax, and the pores become more and more obvious, and the aging phenomenon begins.

Generally, if the pores appear enlarged after the age of 25, it is an aging phenomenon caused by age.

  Care details for shallow areas-fade marks, cleansing skin Do not underestimate these stains, at first, maybe they will appear on calcium sulfate silently, and unconsciously, the stains will become more intense, soWhite rice paper was smeared with ink.

Desalination and reduction of pure white muscle is a key point of conservation.

  Key words for the cause of pigmentation: The endocrine pigmentation of sunlight is usually caused by sunlight or other visible light, such as computer screen radiation, which destroys basal cells, which causes melanin to deposit in the dermis, forming brown spots and freckles.

If melanin is only added and stored in the epidermis, timely skin care and adjustment of body condition can restore clean skin tone.

However, once the pigment is deposited in the dermal layer, the brown spots at this time are difficult to recover.

  Vulnerable area care details-smooth and smooth, such as porcelain, such as jade, smooth and clean smiley face, while infecting others, it also brings itself a great good mood.

However, with the passage of time, the smile can no longer be as unavoidable as before, and the fine lines have grown unknowingly. It is really “a sudden north wind, and some fine lines appear on the surface.”

To become a truly delicate woman, quickly choose the right serum to solve the fine lines problem, and let the happy indulgent smile return to your shoulders.

  Causes of fine lines Keywords: dehydration, fatigue, sunshine, laughter, and rough skin are similar to those caused by physical fatigue, deterioration of sebum secretion due to malnutrition, insufficient formation of sebum membranes, water loss in the stratum corneum, and dry skin are the cause of fine linesFormation of the prime.

The stratum corneum in the skin usually has 10% -20% moisture. When the moisture is kept in this balanced range, the skin is soft and elastic. When the moisture in the stratum corneum is reduced to less than 10%, the fine lines are silent.Breed.

Toothache massage can also cure

Toothache massage can also cure

Toothache refers to tooth pain caused by various reasons. It is one of the common symptoms in oral diseases. It can be found in caries, pulpitis, periapical inflammation, and dentin allergy in western medicine.

In the case of cold, hot, sour, sweet and other stimuli, toothache attacks or aggravates. It belongs to the “tooth declaration” and “bone groove wind” of traditional Chinese medicine.

Now I will introduce to you massage therapy for toothache.


Preparing seated or standing position, with the whole body relaxed, eyes closed and slightly closed, breathing uniformity, resting 1?
2 minutes.


Fingers point to Hegu acupoint with your thumb, press on the opposite side of Hegu acupoint, and place the palms on the other four fingers.

Appropriate pressure from 0 to light.


l minute.

  Efficacy: Shufengjie table, active analgesia.


Press and knead Xiaguan point with the middle or index finger of both hands, place it on Xiaguan point on the same side, and press 0 with appropriate force.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, antispasmodic and analgesic.


Insert the jaw with the thumbs of both hands and place it in the jaw of the ipsilateral side. With proper force, insert it from light to heavy.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Decompress and relieve pain, promote blood circulation and swelling.


According to rubbing the Fengchi acupoint, place the two fingers on the ipsilateral Fengchi acupoint with the thumb tips of both hands, and attach the remaining four fingers above the head.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Qufengsanhan, refreshing.


Fingertips Shaohai Point Put the tip of your thumb on the opposite side of Shaohai Point and press 0 appropriately.

5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: Qufengsanhan, Tongluo pain.


Rub the Yangxi acupoint with your thumb and place it on the opposite Yangxi acupoint, pressing 0 appropriately.

5?l minute.

  Efficacy: Tongpixie fever, clearing away heat and pain.


Toothache points are placed on the contralateral toothache points with the thumb and fingertips.
5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: Huoxue analgesic, Tongluo Jiebi.


Rub the cheeks with the palms of your hands, place them on the chest on the same side, and press 0 appropriately.

5?For 1 minute, it is better to warm the cheeks.

  Efficacy: Huoluo scattered cold, slowing spasm and pain.

Push forward the acupoints with the thumb and abdomen on the contralateral row acupoints, and push 0 up and down appropriately.

5?1 minute.

  Efficacy: swelling and pain relief, pass through the meridian.

  Self-massage can be operated during pain.

During facial massage, the force can gradually increase until there is a feeling of soreness and channeling to the pain. It is best to massage the affected side.

Body massage can take bilateral points.

You should also pay attention to oral hygiene.

TCM health care combined with poor exercise is more beneficial to the body


TCM health care combined with poor exercise is more beneficial to the body

Chinese medicine believes that exercise health, especially special attention to the combination of breathing and body movement, that is, the unity of intentional, tempering, and dynamic.

Intentional ideology refers to concentration, pacing refers to breathing regulation, and moving finger physique movement, unity refers to the coordination between the three, that is, to achieve the same shape and spirit, the meaning of the gas, the shape of the gas, to make the body inside and outside harmony,The movement is appropriate, in order to axially maintain the role of fitness.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, the human body’s yin and yang relationship with the opposites is applied, and the contradictory movements of yin and yang are used to understand or explain the physiological process of blood and blood, and determine the normal or abnormal physiological state.

On the basis of this idea, Hua Tuo clearly puts forward the principle of physical exercise that 鈥渢he human body wants labor, but it is not the ear鈥?to guide the practice of health practice, and to use the physiological phenomenon of 鈥渟weat鈥?and 鈥渂ody briskness鈥?The self-feeling grasps the “sacred change” in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” and controls the amount and intensity of his own movement.

In the course of exercise prescription research, it is specifically aimed at the purpose of exercise, type, intensity, duration, frequency and implementation monitoring. This is similar to the research content of TCM health thinkers.

After long-term development, TCM health care methods have been summarized and improved, with wide adaptability and alternative targeting.

Along with the development of ancient Chinese scientific culture and classical philosophy, the thoughts and methods of exercise and restfulness have gradually matured, forming a unique TCM health thinking that has far-reaching influence on later generations, and is also the key to guiding the development of TCM health.