[How to make peppers not spicy]_How to do_How to do

[How to make peppers not spicy]_How to do_How to do

Pepper is not only irritating to the mouth, but also has a high nutritional value, which is good for the human body.

Especially when the weather is cold, eating a pepper will make you feel warm.

But some people want to eat chili, but they find that the taste of chili is too spicy, so they can’t accept it, so they want to find a way to make chili less spicy.

So, how to make peppers not spicy?

People living in Sichuan do not eat pepper.

My family lives in Sichuan, but everyone in our family is afraid of spicy, but the nutrition of pepper is so good, so people in our family still have to eat pepper.

My mother said that the nutrition of pepper is the most comprehensive in vegetables, especially green pepper.

Actually, green and red peppers each have their own nutrition.

Their high nutritional content is indeed more comprehensive and many years than that of ordinary vegetables.

Therefore, people in our family have to eat spicy food anymore.

It’s just that we are not spicy peppers.

So someone would say, “Not a hot pepper?

Have it?

The pepper is not spicy, then you go eat eggplant!

“Haha, yes, the peppers are sure to be spicy, otherwise, why are they called peppers?”

Unless it’s sweet pepper.

Yes, as long as it is pepper, it will definitely be spicy.

However, my mother has the ability to fry the spicy peppers so that they are not too spicy, so our family also likes peppers the most.

Because peppers are so appetizing!

Now I will tell you the trick of not too spicy fried peppers.

The spicy flavor of pepper is mainly caused by spicy red pigment. As long as the spicy red pigment is suppressed during the process of frying the pepper, the fried pepper will not be too spicy.

First of all, fried peppers need more oil.

Like carotene and lycopene, spicy red pigment is released together with oil.

In fact, you should add more oil to the fried peppers.

However, before frying the chilli, you must first process the chilli.

That is, don’t put oil before the chili is in the pan first, stir the chili in the hot pan first, and stir fry with the salt, wait for the chili to stir, then put the oil.

Why has to be this way?

Because of that, sodium chloride is also hot for chili.

When we stir-fry the chilli with salt, during this high-temperature frying process, sodium chloride also fully reacted with the spicy red pigment, so that the spicy red pigment was released, and then fried with oil.The hot red pigment is immediately melted by the fat, so that the hotness of the pepper itself is relieved.

[How to make old yogurt]_Old yogurt_How to make_Method

銆愯€侀吀濂舵€庝箞鍋氥€慱 鑰侀吀濂禵濡備綍鍋歘鍋氭硶
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[Ninghai Specialty Snacks]_Types_Classification

[Ninghai Specialty Snacks]_Types_Classification

Ninghai is an area where high blood pressure is near the sea. Because of its superior geographical conditions, this area has a lot of special snacks. This category has protein and other nutrient-rich crabs.Wait, these are specialty snacks that always taste delicious and have high nutritional content.

There are many specialty snacks in Ninghai. Let’s introduce in detail what specialty snacks there are in Ninghai.

1. Crab Crab is one of the favorite aquatic products of Ningbo people. Ninghai City is adjacent to Sanmen Bay and rich in crabs.

Ninghai Yimen Town Qimen Neitang has excellent natural conditions, especially with natural sand and gravel substrates. There are rich natural crab species in the nearby seas. Ninghai crabs use wild, pure natural fish feed for scientific replacement. It is the seawater of Ningbo.The first organic brand to breed aquatic products.

Second, Xidian oysters Xidian oysters are a specialty of Xidian Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.

Ninghai Xidian oysters have a history of 700 years, and the oysters are deliciously related to the unique water quality here.

Xidian oysters are known as “sea milk” and are called protein, vitamins, riboflavin and other nutrients.

The reason why Xidian oysters are delicious is related to the unique water quality here.

The salinity of the sea here is below 20 ‰, which is the best water quality for oyster growth.

Xidian oysters are known as “sea milk” and are called protein, vitamins, riboflavin and other nutrients.

The origin of oysters in Xidian: Ningbo-Ninghai County-San, Changjie Niluo Changjie Niulu is a specialty of Changjie Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.

The long street mud snails are crunchy and tender and do not contain mud tendons (intestinal mud). They are plump and taste delicious.

For pickling mud snails, it is best to hold yellow mud snails in May and osmanthus mud snails in August.

Mud snails, also known as spit iron, belong to the gastropods and Athelidae, and are a major traditional product in the coastal areas of Ninghai County.

Mud snails are delicious and fragrant with rich nutritional value.

At the same time, it is sweet and salty, cold, and has the functions of nourishing the liver, improving the essence, moisturizing the liver, eyesight, and promoting health.

In particular, the mud snails produced by Changjie Town in our county have the characteristics of tender meat, large body, and soft tongue (non-sandy). The taste is particularly delicious. It has a good reputation in Shanghai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan.screw”.

Not only does the Long Street Snail grow fast, but it is also very fat. Its large body is as big as fresh broad beans, and small is better than green beans. Generally, 160 to 170 grains are 0.

5 kg.

Two seasons can be harvested each year, namely wheat yellow mud snail and sweet-scented osmanthus mud snail. The former is better.

At present, Changjie mud snails are very popular in the market, with fresh RMB 30 per kilo and salty 36 RMB per kg. The price is four or five times higher than that of other marine snails.

Nasda (002180): The non-net profit deduction will increase by 439% per year. It is estimated that the actual year of management collaboration and new product breakthroughs!

Nasda (002180): The non-net profit deduction will increase by 439% per year. It is estimated that the actual year of management collaboration and new product breakthroughs!
Investment Highlights: Release of 2018 Annual Report and 2019Q1 Quarterly Report: In 2018, Ninestar achieved revenue of 219.3 ‰, an increase of 3% in ten years; operating profit of 8.04 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 127%; net profit attributable to owners of the parent company9.5.1 billion.  2019Q1 achieved revenue of 51.3 ‰, an annual increase of 2%; net profit attributable to owners of the parent company is 0.910,000 yuan, an increase of 7% in ten years.  Despite numerous disruptions to profits, operating cash flow has begun to increase.1) Nasda has been a leader in the global printing solution market through the development of internal and external extension since the beginning of printing chips.The expected differences are in patent and brand barriers, four-year compound growth rate (CAGR34%), and financial burden disturbances in 2018-2021 (management mergers, major shareholder financial expenses, headquarters expenses, distribution incentive expenses, depreciation and amortization, US dollar debt).2) Operating cash flow in 201821.600 million, an increase of 448%.2016-2018 were 1.3, 3.9, 21.600 million.Began to increase.In the first quarter of 2019, it was announced that the operating cash flow was subject to preliminary disturbances: During the reporting period, Lexmark received tax refunds that were reduced by approximately 2 compared with the previous period.55 ppm; Expenditure, Lexmark’s 2018 operation is better, and the payment to employees has increased by 2.3.1 billion.Excluding the above effects, operating cash flow in Q1 2019 will also be significantly improved.  The surprise of the relative forecast of the profit statement in the first quarter of 2019 is that the non-profit profit increased by 439%, which is presumed to be the improvement of Lexmark management.1) The Air Force foresees a profit increase of -30% -17% in the first quarter of 2019, and an actual profit growth rate of 7%, which is the first half.2) The surprise is that the non-profit growth rate is 439% per year.There were gains from changes in fair value in the first quarter of 20182.$ 1.6 billion and financial costs 6.460,000 yuan for the year of 2019Q1.10, 0.4.8 billion.The income from changes in fair value is the initial cause of the difference between profit and deduction.If financial expenses and gains from changes in fair value are excluded at the same time, 2019Q1 will still increase rapidly.It may be the improvement of Lexmark management.  Management excellence improvement and synergy are supported by expense growth rates in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.1) The 2018 annual report pointed out the synergy between Lexmark and Pantum: “The global adjustment volume and revenue of Pantum printers continued to maintain rapid growth, with an average growth of more than 50%.In terms of operation and management: Pantu printers increased approximately 700,000 units worldwide in 2018, surpassing the increase of 51.5%.Successfully introduced a number of high-end Lexmark products.2) Subsidiary expenses can be optimized by Zorelli Lexmark.The cost difference between the consolidated statement and the parent company’s statement mainly comes from the subsidiary Lexmark.The difference in sales expenses in 2017 was 41 trillion, and the difference in management expenses was 37 trillion.In 2018, the difference between sales expenses was only 31 million, and the administrative expenses (considered the same caliber issues for research and development expenses, and the same below). The difference was only 29 trillion, which is equivalent to an optimization of US $ 1.8 billion in 2018.The difference in sales expenses and management expenses in Q1 2019 were 6 respectively.5, 6.0 ppm is equivalent to 1/5 of 2018.Costs continue to be optimized in 2019 with a high probability.  The barrier also lies in the significant experience of patents and lawsuits, which is of great interest in achieving the strategic goals of the “Global Top Three Laser Printers”.1) Technology patents can protect the industry.As of December 31, 2018, the company had 4,163 authorized patents. Among the authorized patents: 2,927 invention patents, 956 utility model patents, 280 design patents, software copyrights and layout of integrated circuits.Designed 95 items.At the same time, another 1,107 patents are pending.2) 18 major lawsuits and arbitrations were also disclosed in 2018.The company’s military international sales, product research and development, and collaborative integration have a long history, reflecting rich international business experience.This will greatly replace the company’s disclosed “Complete the company’s strategic goals of entering the top three laser printers worldwide”.  2019 may be a 南京夜网 breakthrough year for chip products, reflected in marketing / products / R & D / key domestic projects.1) 2018 Annual Report Intensive Heavy Duty Chip Business.2) Marketing: We will work with SCC to strengthen the integrated management of the high-end market.Hangzhou Shuotian, a subsidiary of the company, successfully bid for the security chip project of China Southern Power Grid Switch, and the first dual-core security chip was successfully demonstrated on the Internet in Guangzhou.  3) In terms of products: completed the first launch of a number of mainstream new products, completed product innovations in printer chip, label chip, mobile phone peripheral chip, etc., and realized from scratch; continued to promote nuclear high-base projects,The project is progressing smoothly. Among them, the key project of multi-function laser 淡水桑拿网 printer SoC chip based on quad-core domestic CPU enters the comprehensive test stage of small batch production, and the single-function laser printer SoC chip based on 3-core domestic CPU completes MPW casting and enters the test stage; based onThe first chips of the ARM Cortex M0 + / M3 / M4 series general-purpose MCUs have successfully expanded mass production, and can continue to complete the entire product layout.4) In terms of technology research and development: complete the first independently designed CPU based on RISC-V core; in chip ultra-low power design, BLE5.Great breakthroughs have been made in chip design, laying a good foundation for more products to enter the market.  With a CAGR of 34% per year, printers have independent controllable suitors and maintain a “Buy” rating.Maintain the profit forecast. It is estimated that the company’s revenue for 2019-2022 will be US $ 258/309/367/437 billion, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 13.68/20.1/25.27/31.580,000 yuan, the current corresponding PE is 20/14/11 / 9X.Ranking in September 2018.51 ‰, and by 2022, profits will increase to 32 ‰, nearly 2.4 times.If we assume the acquisition of the remaining 49% of Lexmark’s equity in the later period, the profit will still increase.

Sun Paper (002078): Profit improvement continued to improve in the second half of the year. Paper + pulp continued to expand production to consolidate core competitiveness.

Sun Paper (002078): Profit improvement continued to improve in the second half of the year. Paper + pulp continued to expand production to consolidate core competitiveness.

Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report: The company achieved revenue of 107 in H1 2019.

76 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

89%, net profit attributable to mother 8.

870,000 yuan, an average of 27 in ten years.

81%, deducting non-net profit 8.

64 ppm, with a ten-year average of 28.


In Q2, the company’s revenue was 53.

25 ‰, an average of ten years.

97%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

0.6 million yuan, a ten-year average of 17.

18%, deducting non-net profit 5.

3 ppm, a ten-year average of 12.

77%, the profit margin ratio narrowed in Q1. Comments: Paper prices rose, pulp prices fell, and Q2 profit improved.

2019H1 company gross profit margin 19.

71%, a decrease of 7 per year.

21pct, net interest rate 8.

32%, a decrease of 4 per year.

55pct, the cost rate during the period is 10.

21%, an increase of 0 every year.

81pct, sales, management, R & D, and financial expense ratios are 3 respectively.

52%, 2.

39%, 1.

49%, 2.

81%, respectively +0.

48, +0.

04, +0.

83, -0.

54 points.

The company’s gross profit margin in Q2 was 21.

77%, a decrease of 4 per year.

6pct, an increase of 4 from the previous quarter.

07pct, net interest rate 9.

67%, a decrease of 2 per year.

5pct, an increase of 2 from the previous month.

68 points.

The improvement in Q2 earnings was mainly due to rising paper prices and low pulp costs.

On the paper side, cultural paper’s profit is expected to improve in the second half of the year, and cardboard paper introduces the original endowment ownership ownership advantage.1) Revenue from non-alternative cultural paper in H1 2019 35.

120,000 yuan, compared with the same period of last year.

64%, gross profit margin 21.

52%, ten years -10.

07 points; Coated paper income 15.

110,000 yuan, 29 compared to the same period last year.

83%, gross profit margin 20.

06% a year -13.

66pct, cultural paper, coated paper, the main unit of increase in paper prices decreased due to the decline in paper prices, Q2 price increases will be reflected in the second half of the results, while the pulp price decline will contribute to the company’s second half profit elasticity.

2) Revenue from kraft linerboard 14.

320,000 yuan, +20 compared with the same period last year.

71%, gross margin 14.

04%, ten years +1.

2pct, the company adjusted the structure of cardboard paper products, wood pulp, semi-chemical pulp and other transfers to improve profitability; corrugated base paper revenue4.

55 ppm (commissioned in the third quarter of last year) with a gross profit margin of 14.


3) Income from household papers 3.

960,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +3.

23%, gross margin of 10.

32%, -5 per year.

83pct, mainly affected by market competition.

4) Laminated base paper income 4.

160,000 yuan, -3 compared with the same period last year.

68%, gross margin 19.

19% a year -8.

47 points.

At the pulp end, the old uranium chemical pulp was converted to dissolving pulp, which contributed to the increase in performance.

2019H1 dissolving pulp income 18.

260,000 yuan, +26 over the same period last year.

38%, gross profit margin 21.

7% for one year.

2pc, Laos Chemical Pulp converted 30 production in the last four quarters to replace the dissolving pulp. The company 杭州桑拿 ‘s total capacity of dissolving pulp is 80, which is expected to contribute to the increase in performance;

70,000 yuan, +2.

93%, gross profit margin 23.

3%, twice -2.

57 points.

The expansion of paper production capacity has consolidated the leading area, and the diversified paper types have developed steadily.

The company has recently announced the establishment of a new Guangxi subsidiary and the expansion of the integration of forestry pulp and paper and the construction of a new cultural paper project announcement 45, which continues to consolidate the advantages of raw materials, expand the capacity of cultural paper, consolidate the leading scale and increase the right to speak as the industry concentration increases.

At present, the company’s production capacity of cultural paper is 120 to (expected to 淡水桑拿网 increase by 45 inches in 2021), coated paper capacity is 100 to be in place, boxboard paper is 160 to (expected to increase by 80 feet in 2021), coated base paper is 30 to, and tissue paper has a threshold of 12,The expansion of the capacity of cultural paper contributed to the increase in performance, and the layout of various paper types drove steady development.

Promote the integration of forestry pulp and paper, and continue to consolidate the advantages of raw materials.The second phase of Laos ‘s 40-phase waste paper pulp has been trial-produced and shipped back to China in June this year for the production of corrugated board of the headquarters. The conversion company also owns 40 tons of semi-chemical pulp, 10 parts of wood pulp, 90-inch chemical pulpChemical pulp is currently being converted into 30 to dissolved pulp), and will be put into production from 20 to 2019 Q4. At the same time, it plans to build a new subsidiary in Guangxi to reserve forest land resources and transform it into “forest-paper-paper integration”.
The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 0.

80, 0.

87 yuan, corresponding to 9 for 2019-2020 PE.

46, 8.

68 times, taking into account the increase in paper prices, the profit repair brought by the decline in pulp prices, the expansion of paper business to contribute to the increase in performance, the increase in pulp ratio brings cost advantages, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk warning: paper prices fluctuate sharply, and raw material prices fluctuate sharply.

Jieshun Technology (002609) Company Announcement Comments: Success in bidding for city-level smart parking projects optimistic about the company’s business expansion

Jieshun Technology (002609) Company Announcement Comments: Success in bidding for city-level smart parking projects optimistic about the company’s business expansion

I. Overview of the event The company issued a reminder announcement on the project to be awarded. The company won a bid for Chongqing Jiangjin City-level Smart Parking Project in a consortium with a bid amount of 13 million yuan, which involved the reconstruction of 2,041 berths. At the same time, the company won the bid for Baoji City, ShaanxiThe smart parking project won a bid of 920,000 yuan, mainly responsible for the construction of the smart parking cloud platform system.

Second, analyze and judge that the city-level 杭州夜网论坛 smart parking business is connected to the two cities, and the contradiction between supply and demand of internal parking spaces has been continuously verified. The mid-year Politburo meeting last year focused on the completion of short-board projects such as city parking lots, which will effectively promoteIn the construction of parking lots in various cities, we believe that the company, as a leader in the smart parking industry, has a clear advantage in acquiring projects at the G-end.

In 19 years, the company successively won the bids for city-level smart parking projects in Changde, Hunan, Linyi, Shandong, Chengde, Hebei, Huizhou, Guangdong, and Kunshan, Jiangsu. In early 20, the company again won the bids for Chongqing Jiangjin and Baoji, Shaanxi.

The smooth implementation of the above projects will also enhance the company’s smart parking business in the local market competition and gradually play a positive role in business expansion in the southwest and northwest regions.

The company ushered in the transformation and harvest period. Emerging businesses began to contribute large-scale revenue. In 19 years, the company’s strategic transformation has significantly developed. While the traditional intelligent hardware business has grown steadily, the newly cultivated platform and solution business, and the profit model of the smart parking operation business.The operation has been realized, and it is expected to accelerate realization in 20 years.

According to the latest data from the company’s official website, the current Czech parking lot has covered 10,000 parking lots, involving 4 million parking spaces. The operating data can be further improved than the company’s interim report.

Jiespark builds smart parking lot cloud hosting through the industry-leading “hardware + platform + operation” one-stop service. The rapid promotion of cloud hosting business will inject new momentum into the company’s performance.

The company’s third quarterly report discloses the expected performance indicators. In 19, the company is expected to achieve net profit attributable to its mother.


7 billion, an annual increase of 40% -80%.

Third, investment recommendations We are optimistic about the company’s entire industrial chain layout from front-end hardware, to software platforms, to mobile applications, to comprehensive operations. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 19-21 will be 1.



63 ppm, corresponding to the current expected PE of 46X / 36X / 28X.

Select Jiadu Technology, Qianfang Technology, and Yihualu as comparable companies. The industry average PEG in 2019 is 0.

86, Jie Shun Technology’s 2019 PEG is 0.

66. The company has a certain estimation advantage and maintains the “recommended” level.

4. Risk warning: The growth of emerging business revenue is less than expected, and the bid of city-level smart parking business is less than expected.

Close encounters in bedroom and yoga

Close encounters in bedroom and yoga


1 The first group of single lotus exercises: The lotus position is the basic sitting position in yoga. You can do this while watching TV. It can help move the human body in multiple steps: one.

Maintain a normal sitting position with legs straight.

Bend the left leg, place the instep of the left foot on the groin of the right thigh, and place your hands on the upper left. Gently perform the upper and lower elastic movements several times until it finally touches the ground.


After slowly restoring the left leg, massage your hands and step on your feet.


Change your right leg and gently press your right leg in accordance with your left leg action.


The above action is repeated three to five times; pay attention not to overstretch the leg each time.

  Attach ligaments to keep the meridians open.


2 The second group of leaning against the wall and semi-ploughing style can be called a youthful posture in yoga. We can use the wall and closet at home to properly invert some parts of the body every day, which can make the legs more beautiful.
  Step: A.

Move the front to the wall of a wall.


Lean your legs up against the wall.

The upper body lays naturally on the ground in a relaxed state, keeping it in place.

  Tips: 1.

Be careful not to eat for one hour before or after the exercise; avoid bathing for half an hour before or after the exercise.


When the action is in progress, pay attention to keep all ranges within a moderate range, and do not break through the limits of the body to avoid hurting yourself.


Breathe evenly, all with your nose, and stay stable and slow.

3The third group of free radicals: This position helps the sleeping body to wake up quickly, and the whole body is filled with a large amount of fresh oxygen.

Long-term adherence can maintain fractures in the abdomen.

  Step: A.

Place your arms on both sides of your head with your fingers crossed and your palms facing inward.


Inhale deeply, contract your body as much as possible in both directions, and tighten your whole body muscles for a second or two.

Exhale and relax.

Repeat two or three times.


4The fourth group of lizard style: This posture can awaken the spine, promote blood circulation of the spine and nerves, and enable each part of the body to start quickly.

  In this way, the body is prone.

Arms support the mattress, so that the hips are up, the big and small legs are kept at about ninety degrees.


The top and chin touch the ground, arms straight forward.

Maintain your previous natural breathing.

  C.Then return the chest to the heel and rest for a while.

  Sometimes long-term desks will gradually lose the elasticity of our spine and form a humpback shape.

So, after an hour of work at the desk, we can use the high-back chair to relax.

5The fifth group of tail exercises: It can increase the spinal elasticity and make the body more flexible. It is the best exercise method for the spine.

  Step: A.

Place a small cushion on the back of the chair.

With your back to the chair, place the thoracic spine on the cushion.

Straighten your legs and contract your arms toward the back of your head; breathe naturally.


After the restoration, relax for a while with the chest arched.

Don’t be negative in front of children

Don’t be negative in front of children

The third-year elementary school student Liu Gang often had conflicts with his classmates, and was irritable. He yelled a little when he was unhappy, patted the table, dropped books, and was unwilling to associate with his classmates.

The most obvious one was in an art class. He forgot to bring art materials and did math homework alone.

The art teacher criticized that not only did he not confess his mistakes, but also shouted and disturbed the order in the classroom.

Liu Gang’s mother, Ms. Lu, couldn’t find a psychological teacher for analysis, which turned out to be related to their often negative attitude in front of children.

  □ “Segregated” education affects children’s concept of communication. Liu Fenghua, a teacher at the Hebei Provincial Institute of Education, introduced that 9-year-old Liu Gang was regarded as a pearl by his parents and grandparents. His family provided him with good living conditions.Do not want him to associate with those naughty children, Liu Gang often reads books at home, making him rarely contact with children of the same age.

Because the father was dissatisfied with his life, he often talked about the unhealthy relationships between people in front of his children, which made him heard. In his small heart, he avoided the hatred of society and the distrust of people.
  Because Liu Gang has a narrow life circle and has a natural age gap with his parents, he doesn’t talk to his parents about any grievances. He just stays in a small room for a while, or reads books to relieve boredom.

Not only did the parents not be alarmed by this, they thought he was a good child who loved to learn, which made him go further and further on the road of loneliness.

His parents are very busy with work and usually take care of him.

But for a little bit, it was either to urge him to review his homework or to let him do the papers, but rarely to communicate emotionally with him.

His parents’ expectations for education were too high, which caused him to bear the pressure of learning that was extremely disproportionate to his age. Under such circumstances, he could only bury his interests and hobbies in the inner world.

Going to school alone, sitting alone in the seat during the class, playing with small toys, never actively looking for classmates to play.

  □ Establishing a proactive “diplomatic image” Liu Fenghua introduced that the pace of life changes is constantly accelerating, and worries and irritability often lead to complaints from some parents. This is understandable.

But don’t let these complaints be exposed without fear in front of the child, otherwise it will cause harm to the child’s young mind and cause the child to have unhealthy psychology and behavior.

Parents of Liu Gang should realize that they must promote the positive and positive aspects of society in front of their children, in order to cultivate their noble moral sentiments, educate their children to be good to others, not to worry about small things, and to have an open mind.

And greatly reduce the child’s learning burden, encourage him to go out of the house, let him play with children of the same age.

When Liu Gang brought his little friend home, parents should not stretch their faces, but should help him entertain the little guests.

  For students who have similar problems with Liu Gang, when they find that others have shortcomings, and these shortcomings hurt themselves, they should not be resentful, nor should they accompany the severing of contacts. Instead, they should use their love to help those students to correct mistakes.Strengthen communication and exchanges, and actively resolve conflicts, so as to establish good interpersonal relationships and get happiness from them.

Secretly listening: how they speak sex

Secretly listening: how they “speak” sex

Luo Lina, 40 years old “Before I was 38 years old, I never dared to tell others that I really wanted to try my brother and sister.
Although occasionally I heard friends and sisters from the age of 5, 6 and even 10-year-old siblings appeared, but I always felt that there were invisible routines and morals to bind myself, and I never dared to step out of Leichi.
Recently, I started to talk about this topic with a few friends, because I really want to know if I am a stranger?
After 12 years of husband and wife life, I have returned to the single world. I understand and respect the will of my body more. I have reached an age where I can make decisions based on my will.Share it with a trusted friend, so I talked up bravely.
“Liu Di, 35 years old” “I have never been married.
When talking about sex with some married friends, I often consciously downplay it. I don’t want people to misunderstand that I am a ‘marriage madness’.
Maybe they don’t think so, it’s my own sensitivity.
But I can’t dispatch this feeling, because sometimes some friends talk to me about the details of special privacy, I can notice their reservations, and I don’t think they want me to judge their other half.
But no matter what, when desire comes, we will still do what we want without any fear.
“Luo Qianqian, 44 years old” “In my love life, I feel that‘ speaking ‘is more important because I need to understand everything.
But what’s depressing is that when it comes to sexual issues, I become dumb.
With the passage of time and the birth of children, sex has gradually become a task and becomes a very mechanical thing. I dare not tell my husband about this feeling. I am afraid to say it will be between the two of us.Created more serious problems, even fearing that he would leave me.
Later, my friends encouraged me to tell him what I really felt and stop acting.
Finally, I courageously said that the ending was much better than I expected.
The two of us started working together to try and find ways to make us happy.
Now we can arouse each other’s desires, and the relationship is more harmonious and intimate than ever.
Yang Lingling, 34 years old “I attended a party with women only a few days ago, and everyone talked about men, feelings, and sex without fear.
There are not many such parties, and we can’t often discuss sexual topics as excitedly as we did last time.
That day, women dominated completely, and that felt cool!
At the party, I described the sexual experience between me and a man in great detail, and everyone laughed happily.
We have no taboos. It really looks like a machine that creates fantasy and joy. The actions and wishes of friends have enriched my imagination.
Men are also allowed to attend such parties, but their performance is much more shy than women.
“Hao Min, 20 years old” “I had sex with a boy for the first time a year ago, and I felt that my performance was very jerky.
But after I discussed with other friends and talked to netizens in online forums, I was a bit relieved.
When it comes to ‘sex’ I’m not shy at all. This is not a ‘dirty’ behavior, but I find it quite interesting.
I think our generation is much more open than the previous generations. In our opinion, having a premarital sexual relationship with a man is a relatively common occurrence.
However, in terms of personal feelings, I definitely don’t agree with having sex just for sex. I still like having sex with love.
Sometimes I fear that I am abnormal because I have never experienced an orgasm or even know what is going on?

Skin Care Cheats for New Generation Idol Wang Luodan


Skin Care Cheats for New Generation Idol Wang Luodan

Core tip: Are you familiar with the heroine Wang Luodan in Struggle?

As a new generation, she has her own set of skin care methods!

You must learn!

  Wang Luodan graduated from the Beijing Film Academy’s acting department in 2005. In the TV series “Struggle”, he successfully shaped the corner of Millai’s attachment to love and became a popular little flower.

From “Milai” to “money sample”, overnight, the woman who grew up inside Mongolia became a household idol.

Not only is she nonstop in her career, she also has her own set of beautiful cheats for skin care.

  1Cleaning and rejuvenating is very important. Regarding skin care, I easily notice cleansing and conditioning. Basically, I have to put on makeup when I work. Therefore, makeup removal and cleaning become very continuous. I used to solve it because I was too lazy and tiredThe work of makeup removal and cleaning found that the next day I got up and got dark around my eyes. Because there was no makeup removal clean, no matter how tired I was, I would take off makeup cleanly very late.

  The slowness of the sunscreen during the day can not be ignored. In fact, in addition to using whitening skincare products for whitening repair at night, sunscreen during the day is equally important.

Ultraviolet rays are one of the important causes of melanin precipitation. Only by doing a good job of sun protection and fundamentally eliminating the production of melanin can we become more and more fair and the whitening follow-up work can be more effective.

  3 work skin care is not wrong In order to perform better in front of the camera, I attach great importance to skin whitening care, healthy and moisturized fair complexion is what I seek.

I think the ideal skin is always white and full of moisture.

In terms of whitening care, I am still the same as that of the action group, hoping that it is best to quickly achieve a moisturizing and whitening skin effect through a bottle of product and quickly replenish skin moisture.

  4Simple happiness is very satisfying. I am a girl who is very content and also loves to laugh, because I think that smile can bring you and others a good mood. There is nothing even very happy, and laughter can change you.Mood.

I’m also a pretty house person. When I don’t work, I listen to music at home, watch movies, and eat something delicious.

  5 You have a tight schedule. You are currently preparing a new film for a reasonable schedule and you are constantly experiencing life. I like to have a tight schedule. Generally speaking, it takes three or four months to shoot a TV series.In time, I will give myself a leave to take good care of my emotions and body, so that I will be more stateful when I am engaged in the next job.